Five Homeware Steals From Daiso Singapore


Five Homeware Steals From Daiso Singapore

Daiso. Who has not heard of this Japanese home center chain? You have probably walked inside one on the pretext that you're just going to have a look around, only to emerge from the store with a new pair of slippers, a scented candle, a neck pillow, and perhaps a ceramic mug, all while assuring yourself that "I deserve this" and that this is the beginning of you getting your life together. Or not.

With Daiso's high quality yet affordable homeware and lifestyle products, anyone can easily personalise their space for a homier, cosier setting they can truly call theirs. This is the ethos of Daiso, perhaps, that makes people keep coming back for more.

Known as Japan's top living ware supplier, Daiso boasts of over 4,000 stores across the country and more than 2,200 stores the world over. In Singapore alone, Daiso has 28 locations, the latest of which having just opened on May 25, 2022, at Jurong Point. Nevertheless, homebodies need not worry about getting their hands on a variety of Daiso items, as it also has an online store so customers can shop anytime and anywhere amid the pandemic.

Here are five homeware steals you can get online from Daiso Singapore.


If you love the look of ceramics, then look no further than Daiso for pieces that won't break the bank. We recommend this Hake Bowl, which is made of 100% porcelain, for its minimalism as characterised by a simple design. Although it comes in either white or black, be apprised that the color will be chosen at random. You can get it for S$2.14.

Rectangular Storage Box

This rectangular storage box from Daiso is made of cloth, which gives it that vintage look. You can use this storage box to keep documents and other office sundries, or even as a snack organiser for your pantry, although it does lack a lid. It is both functional and aesthetic enough to be beautifully displayed.

Bonheur Soup Mug

Vintage mugs are all the rage and this red Bonheur soup mug will not disappoint. Thanks to its 400-millilitre capacity, it's large enough to function as a bowl for cereal, soup, or yogurt, or if you love tea — a giant mug of your favorite blend. Alternatively, you can use the mug as a fun makeshift pot for kitchen herbs! You can get this for S$2.14.

Animal Flower Pot

The pandemic ushered in the home gardening boom and made informal horticulturalists out of all of us, from collecting house plants and ensuring the survival thereof to planting our own little seedlings of various kinds. Daiso offers a wide range of pots perfect for the urban home gardener. We recommend these adorable animal flower pots for small plants. Made of dolomite, you can choose among a panda, cat, or hedgehog design. The pots can also function as a paperweight. It costs S$2.14.

Bamboo Colander

The Japanese are known for using bamboo colanders in the preparation and serving of certain dishes, like soba and udon noodles. You can get this flat bamboo colander (S$2.14) from Daiso as your next kitchen staple, which you can use for washing vegetables and draining pasta. It's lightweight and makes for the perfect raw kitchen accent if you're #TeamWood.

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