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Why ‘Burlesque is a Revolution’ According to its Performers

Symbolizing empowerment and inclusivity, Burlesque Philippines welcomes its ragtag group of performers who are ready to give voice and form to society’s taboo.
Drop in dance studio

Check Out the Best Dance Studios in Hong Kong for Drop-in Classes

Here are the best dance studios in Hong Kong for drop-in classes where you can enjoy street dance just like in Seoul and Los Angles. Check out our list for the full, comprehensive guide.
Burying Children Dance Theatre

Dance Theatre Work 'Burying Children' Imagines a World With No Children

"Burying Children," written and directed by Bold Moment's Khairul Kamsani, takes place in a world with a zero-child policy and the women who protest it.
Vince Igno Kpop Dance Cover Groups feature 3

Meet Vince Igno, the Brains Behind PH First-ever K-Pop Cover Group Concert

In a bid to unite the ever-growing K-Pop community in the Philippines, Vince hosted this special event where groups can create their own choreography and stage production.