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This Innovative Edufarm in City Concept Promotes Vertical Farming

This Innovative Edufarm-in-City Concept Promotes Vertical Farming

With the goal of introducing agriculture technology, Agroz Group is launching Edufarm-in-City in September at AEON Alpha Angle. Read on to learn more.
Urban Hijau Sustainable Farm

Urban Hijau: Sustainability in the City Through Permaculture, Education

Ever heard of Urban Hijau? This farm believes permaculture can bring people together and is among the social enterprises championing sustainability in the city.
Boom Grow Malaysia Startup

BoomGrow, the Agritech Startup Transforming Farming in Malaysia

Founded by Dr. Jay Desan, Murali Krishnamurthy, and Shan Palani, BoomGrow is a Malaysian startup revolutionising farming by growing 100% clean and fresh produce
1 Snohettas Residential Project Invites Pockets of Green to Tai Wai

Snøhetta’s Residential Project Invites Pockets of Green to Tai Wai

With this design, Snøhetta introduces pockets of green in the otherwise bustling urban city scape that will bring a much-needed dose of lush greenery.
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How to Grow Your Own Fresh Herbs and Vegetables on Your Rooftop This Winter

There are lots of crops you can grow in this time that some countries would exclusively plant in the summer or spring. If you’re choosing the right crops that fit within your space requirements and Hong Kong’s planting calendar, there’s no reason why you can’t succeed.