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It’s Festival Season! Here’s How to Prepare for Your Next One

Good music is best enjoyed with a lively crowd! Here’s how you can make the best of your next festival, party, or rave with just a little bit of preparation
PSA Wonderers Wonderfruit Festival Returns This December

PSA, Wonderers! Wonderfruit Festival to Make Its Comeback This December

The Fields will be filled with new exciting experiences, a lineup of talented musicians from Thailand and beyond, art installations, workshops, and wellness activities, among others.
Welcome the Lunar New Year at HKJ Cs Blossom Nights

Welcome a Colourful Lunar New Year at Happy Wednesday's 'Blossom Nights'

Held on every Happy Valley night race from Jan. 17 to Feb. 21, “Blossom Nights” will feature a series of events filled with exciting activities while honouring local tradition and culture.
Nightlife SG Dec 7 13

Nightlife Singapore: Konsert Galau, Plus 9 More Hot Events

This week's nightlife events heat up with the biggest Konsert Galau in Singapore, showcasing chart-topping artists from Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
Malaysias Comic Fiesta to Make Epic Return This December

Malaysia's Comic Fiesta to Make Epic Comeback This December

Comic Fiesta 2023 promises grand events that will delight anime fans, cosplayers, comic enthusiasts, and gamers in the country.
Nightlife BKK Nov 2 8

Nightlife Bangkok: Billkin Tempo Concert, Plus 9 More Hot Events

Whether you're into rock, pop, electronic, or Thai music, you'll find a concert to suit your taste at this week's dynamic nightlife events in Bangkok. Read more.
Whats On Header Template Oct 31 Nov 6 BKK

What’s on Bangkok: Best Things to See, Do, & Eat on Oct. 31-Nov. 6, 2023

A vibrant week awaits, offering a cultural experience like no other. Enjoy a diverse lineup of theater and art exhibitions at the Bangkok Theatre Festival 2023.