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Website Bamboo Hills KL

Go on a Gastronomic Adventure: Explore Bamboo Hills' Hidden Culinary Gems

Bamboo Hills promises to delight food enthusiasts with its diverse array of dining options. So, loosen your belt and prepare your palate for a culinary journey like no other in Bamboo Hills.
Lambert Lam Tells His Citys Food Story with MACAUEAT Marketing Studio

Lambert Lam Tells His City’s Food Story with MACAUEAT Marketing Studio

Listen to the story of Lambert Lam, a chef turned marketing guru who founded MACAUEAT, a digital marketing studio promoting the Macanese culinary scene.
Spice Royale Bangkok Hosts First World Kaphrao Championship

Spice Royale: Bangkok Hosts First World Kaphrao Championship

Get ready for an exciting culinary extravaganza in Bangkok as the World Kaphrao Grand Prix 2023 heats up the city with a blend of flavors and culture.
Your Camera Should Eat First and Heres Exactly Why Iit Matters

Your Camera Should Eat First, and Here's Exactly Why It Matters

The habitual act of camera eating first is not annoying, but a vital part of the dining experience to praise food as a space for creativity and culture sharing.
Thai Mukbang You Tubers 1

6 Thai Mukbang Influencers to Follow on YouTube

We don’t promote overeating, but if you are curious about satisfying foods in Thailand, here are some of the best Thai mukbangers you should binge watch.