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What You Need to Know About G Jobs Gcashs Latest Channel

What You Need to Know About ‘GJobs,’ The Latest Channel of GCash

GCash has introduced its latest feature, “GJobs,” allowing users to refer individuals for various job positions and earn money as a reward. Click for more info.

DoubleSafe, GGives, More: GCash Visa-powered Card Comes With New Features

GCash unveiled its new Visa Debit card with DoubleSafe feature designed to prevent potential account hacking as well as other features. Click to know more.
Explainer How Does G Cash G Forest Work

Explainer: How Does GCash’s GForest Work?

GForest is a feature within the GCash app that enables Filipinos to actively participate in the rebuilding of Philippine forests, “one tree at a time.”
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The Pandemic Made Me Do It: Going Around the City Without Cash

Before the pandemic, cash is important when you're exploring Manila. Now, with the right apps, it’s possible to do things without taking out a single bill.
How to Earn Passively From G Cashs G Invest 2

How to Earn Passively From GCash’s GInvest Through Dividends

Is it possible to earn passive income from GCash’s GInvest? The Beat Asia tried investing in GInvest's first dividend-paying fund. Here's what we found out.