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Dima solomin y IT9 HO8 Ur PA unsplash

Meta Outage: What if Facebook or Instagram Disappeared Completely?

If you were unable to access Facebook or Instagram the other day, you weren’t alone. The social media giants were shut down for a few hours, causing havoc within the short timeframe.
Laparasian 4

Laughing with Laparasian, TikTok's French-Chinese Meme Icon

Stephanie Cheng, also known as Laparasian on Instagram and TikTok, is a captivating influencer whose story is as diverse as her content. In a recent interview with The Beat Asia, she shared her multi-cultural journey and how it has shaped her online presence.
You Can Now Share IG Posts Reels to Close Friends Only

You Can Now Share Instagram Feed Posts, Reels to 'Close Friends' Only

Instagram users can now share their feed posts and Instagram Reels with their own curated list of “close friends,” a feature that was previously launched on Stories and Notes.
Hong Kong Model Noel Li Shares His Travel Stories and Style Inspirations 1

Hong Kong Model Noel Li Shares His Travel Stories and Style Inspirations

Explore the journey of Hong Kong model Noel Li as he shares his story of how he became a travel and lifestyle influencer, defining what luxury living means.
Meet Bruce Swift of Galactic B Swift Empire H Ks Top Lego Star Wars Builder

Meet Bruce Cheung of Galactic BSwift Empire, HK's Top Lego Star Wars Maker

Bruce Cheung, also known as Galactic BSwift Empire online, is one of Hong Kong’s top LEGO builders, planning to create the world’s largest collection of LEGO troopers.