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Hong Kongs Waste Charging Scheme Aims to Save the Planet and Money Header

Hong Kong’s Waste Charging Scheme Aims to Save the Planet and Money

Discover how Hong Kong’s waste charging scheme starting from Apr. 1, 2024, encourages waste reduction, and eco-friendly practices while promoting cost savings.
Samsung Launches Accessory Line Made of Recycled Materials

These Eco-Friendly Accessories Will Prettify Your Samsung Devices

Called "Samsung Eco-Friends," the new accessories range from phone cases to wearable straps that are made of post-consumer materials.
Bye PVC This 5 G SIM Card Is Made from Recyclable Materials

Bye PVC: This 5G SIM Card Is Made From Recyclable Materials

Need an eco-friendly SIM card? This telecommunications company has reduced plastic use by 50% and its carbon footprint by 30% during its production process.
Dorsett Wanchai Goes Plastic Paper Free for New Sustainability Push

Dorsett Wanchai Goes Plastic, Paper-Free for New Sustainability Push

Dorsett WanChai has launched "GoGreen Promise" & sustainability initiatives to reduce plastic waste, aiming to provide world-class services with a positive impact.
Sentosa Hotels Attractions F Bs to Become Disposable free by End of 2023

Sentosa Hotels, Attractions, F&Bs to Become Disposable-free by End of 2023

Singapore is taking another step towards sustainability as they’ve committed to reduce the use of disposables across Sentosa businesses by the end of the year.