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Keep Your Cool: 7 Hacks to Handle Humidity in Singapore

Can’t take the heat and humidity in Singapore? Try our list of simple yet effective solutions so you can experience cool comfort. Click for more information.
Bangkok Heat

Explainer: Why Extreme Heat in Thailand Is Lethal and How to Survive It?

Apart from Thailand, many Southeast Asian countries are experiencing the heat and drought conditions due to the warming of specific areas in the Pacific Ocean.
Fusion Music Festival Postponed Due to Super Typhoon Mawar

Fusion: The Philippine Music Festival Postponed Due to Inclement Weather

Sad news for OPM fans. Fusion: The Philippine Music Festival is not going to take place as planned due to super typhoon Mawar to prioritize everyone's safety.
What Are Monkey Cheeks and Can They Solve Flooding in Bangkok

What Are ‘Monkey Cheeks’ and Can They Solve Flooding in Bangkok?

Bangkok is at risk of more flooding and one solution that the government has thought of is to build more retention basins or “monkey cheeks” as they call it in Thailand.
Greenland DN3 VSDS

For the First Time Ever, Rain Falls on Greenland's Ice Sheet

According to researchers, this historical event was triggered by temperatures rising above freezing point, and it's "not a healthy sign for an ice sheet."