Stella McCartney Unveils Jumpsuit Made with BioSequins


Stella McCartney Releases Iridescent Jumpsuit Made Using BioSequins

British fashion brand Stella McCartney has recently unveiled its new sustainable bioplastic sequin jumpsuit. The sleeveless bodysuit is adorned with BioSequins made from tree cellulose; a biomaterial developed by material developer Radiant Matter.

These BioSequins provide an alternative to the existing petroleum-based plastic sequin options used in fashion, which contain harmful carcinogenic chemicals. These sequins are made from renewable polymer cellulose extracted from trees containing material properties that naturally reflect light.

Founder of Radiant Matter Elissa Brunato, explains that “our BioSequins are structurally coloured, meaning that the colour stems from the material’s innate structure rather than from dyes, metals, or minerals.”

Model and activist Cara Delevingne wears Stella McCartney’s BioSequin jumpsuit in the latest edition of US Vogue, marking the first use of BioSequins in clothing. Embellished with hundreds of shimmering eco-friendly sequins, the jumpsuit was crafted in Stella McCartney’s London atelier and aims to shift fashion discourse towards using environmentally kinder raw materials and sustainable practices.

The BioSequin jumpsuit is not yet available for purchase, but Brunato hopes that it will showcase the potential of BioSequins. She believes that there is a "gap in the market" for a more sustainable sequin for garments.

Stella McCartney is known for its commitment to sustainability and has been a PVC-free brand since 2010. The brand has introduced several sustainable initiatives into its collections, including a biodegradable tennis dress made from lab-grown spider silk, and a two-piece made using a leather alternative grown from mycelium.

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