Where to Find Luxury Gem February Birthstones Online in 2023
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Birthstone Gem Jewellery for February Babies 2023

Birthstone Gem Jewellery for February Babies 2023 Header

A warm and happy birthday to the signs Aquarius and Pisces this February! As the world opens up to travel, we slip out of the time-stop purgatory spell of the pandemic, to finally press ‘play’ on 2023. From lilac to deep purple hues, the symbolic meanings of the colour purple varies from independence, wisdom, extravagance, and magic.

In 2023, we’ll be taking this year in our stride and encompass all the symbolic meanings that purple can bring us. Celebrate yourself with an amethyst piece this month to remind yourself of your inner strength and empowerment!

Purple Amethyst Pea Pod Gold Leaf Jewellery Set – Fei Liu

Birthstone Gem Jewellery for February Babies 2023  1
Website/Fei Liu

Elegant teardrop purple pendants, made of crystalline amethyst gems falls on 18-karat gold plated sterling silver on a modest chain. Delicate petals fall loosely from the stem of the amethysts on all the accessories, accenting the light flecks in the gemstone itself to highlight the unadulterated purple hues of the amethyst.

Add a little soft lilac to your collection with this ethereal staple set is a gorgeous addition for everyday wear, worn together or apart.

Where to buy: Fei Liu Jewellery

Necklace with Engraved Stones – Cartier

Birthstone Gem Jewellery for February Babies 2023  2

Flamboyant colours of pink, purely, gold, and sparkling white make up the core ingredients to Cartier’s ‘Tutti Frutti’ collection. The glimmer of rubellites, amethysts, garnets, onyx, and diamonds create a powerful melody of soft shades – sensually blending together engraved fine gemstones.

A statement piece that seems to say ‘march to the beat of your own drum’, this necklace is every bit as bold as it is glamourous.

Where to buy: Cartier

Amethyst Ombre Eternity Hoops – SHAY

Birthstone Gem Jewellery for February Babies 2023  3
Website/SHAY Jewellery

With pieces styled by the likes of Beyonce, Dua Lipa, and Rihanna – internationally acclaimed fine jewellery band SHAY brings the ombre look to these mid-sized amethyst hoop earrings. Melting pink sapphires and amethysts on 18-karat golds, an intricate infinity band detailing sets the back-half for added curiosity.

A fun interplay of colour and light, this hoop earring pair is a captivating staple for people who never shy away from bright chromaticity.

Where to buy: SHAY Jewellery

14-karat Yellow Gold Amethyst Line Bracelet – James Allen

Birthstone Gem Jewellery for February Babies 2023  4
Website/James Allen

Brightly coloured oval amethysts are levelled and nimbly set in 14-karat yellow gold royal contrast to create a vibrant line bracelet. Totalling 18 amethyst stones and gorgeously handcrafted - this bracelet is designed to last a lifetime.

Packing a powerful punch with the deep purple hues for such a delicate accessory, this line bracelet is the perfect pop of colour you need.

Where to buy: James Allen

‘Spear’ Amethyst Earring – Hirotaka

Birthstone Gem Jewellery for February Babies 2023  5

Avant-garde and out-of-the-box, Hirotaka’s ‘Spear’ amethyst earring takes the idea of a javelin and applies it to fine jewellery. The 10-karat gold barbell pierces through an amethyst hexagon and cultured Akoya pearl that hangs like a fine lance of precious stone from the ear.

Unconventional and eye-catching, Hirotaka’s artistic mastery of shapes, forms, and lines, expresses confidence in being uniquely yourself.

Where to buy: Hirotaka

Gold Evil Eye 14-karat Gold, Amethyst, and Diamond Bracelet – SYDNEY EVAN

Birthstone Gem Jewellery for February Babies 2023  6

From Rosanne Karmes’ Sydney Evan, full cut amethysts, amethyst beads, and diamonds form a California-chic ‘Evil-eye’ to ward off bad luck, harm, or otherworldly evils.

Beautifully paired with other beaded slip-on bracelets and chains, add this lavender beaded bracelet to your wrist arsenal as an auspicious yet stylish day-to-day accessory.

Where to buy: NET-A-PORTER

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