Neighbourhood Guide to the Hip Charoen Krung District
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Neighbourhood Guide to the Hip Charoen Krung District

Instagram Central The Original Store Photo by Instagram/Central: The Original Store

The Charoen Krung district lies in the heart of Bangkok, teeming with history, cultural treasures, trendy spots, and community spaces frequented by the locals and most curious flaneurs.

It is known for being the home of the Charoen Krung Road, regarded as Thailand's first paved road that was built in the 19th century. The iconic road has borne witness to the various developments and transformations of the capital through the years, and this is evident in the harmonious mix of modern and traditional establishments that we now see across the district, from colonial structures and charming shophouses to boutique hotels, art galleries, foodie joints, and more.

Although officially recognised as a "Creative District” where contemporary art, culture, and heritage meld, Charoen Krung is anything but overrated. On your next jaunt to the district, here are four places you must check out.

Ped Prachak

Ped Prachak is an institution of its own, as far as authentic Cantonese roasted duck in Bangkok is concerned. The restaurant that stands today along Charoen Krung Road began as a humble roasted duck stall in 1909, established by a Cantonese immigrant named Choy Kaung.

The spot continues to teem with patrons young and old, with favourites ranging from the signature Cantonese-style roasted duck to other dishes like crispy pork, egg noodles, fried rice, and more.

Where: Ped Prachak, 1415, Charoen Krung Road, Silom, Bangkok


Fancy some grilled skewered meats for an unpretentious dinner to cap the day? Head on to JUA, a modern izakaya housed within a three-storey building that used to be an illegal gambling house back in the day.

The minimalist structure blends the sensibilities of Thai and Japanese design. Further adding to its character are the artworks and understated color scheme. The skewered meats and small plates are served tapas-style, which are perfect for communal dining. View JUA's menu here.

Where: JUA, 672/49, Charoen Krung 28, Bangkok

Central: The Original Store

Central: The Original Store is your one-stop shop for shopping, reading, good chow, and art. The Chirathivat family opened the first Central store along Charoen Krung Road in 1950, which quickly became an urban lifestyle hub that underscored the heritage and culture of Bangkok.

Today, the structure stands not just as a marker of the city's post-war cultural turn, but also as a contributing community to the ever-shifting neighbourhood. You can find a library, an exhibition space, a restaurant, a music bar, and various shops at Central!

Where: Central: The Original Store, 1266 Charoen Krung, Bangkok

Speedy Grandma Gallery

We would like to thank you everyone who attending "Baby, it's gonna be hot!" opening reception. It was hot, drunk and...

Posted by Speedy Grandma on Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Want to view more art? Speedy Grandma should be up your alley. This independent art space spotlights experimental and creative works on the belief that "art does not and cannot exist in a vacuum, isolated and insula from surrounding dialogues."

The gallery is named after an urban ghost legend involving a grandma who died from a motorcycle accident; it is said that the mischievous ghost appears half-bodied and spooks bikers who race in the dark. For inquiries, you may email [email protected] or call +66895083859.

Where: Speedy Grandma, 1048/3 Charoen Krung Road, Bangkok

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