‘The Wanderer Showcase 2024’ Opens at Mini Xspace Gallery
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‘The Wanderer Showcase 2024’ Opens at Mini Xspace Gallery Until March 30

The Wanderers Showcase 2024 Photo by Website/Xspace Gallery

Need a place to de-stress and nourish your mind? Here’s where you can immerse yourself in masterpieces about dreams, exploration, and passion!

Bangkok’s Mini Xspace Gallery is currently running “The Wanderer’s Showcase 2024” exhibit, featuring artworks full of style that can take you to a world brimming with colour.

The art exhibition features the creations of eight emerging Thai pop artists, namely Bannana manz, BlobBoy, KraChok, Meanlee, PSP.27, Peace, SANDIER, and 0ne, where they encapsulate the spirit of their youth and aspirations into their chosen mediums.

The Artists
Website/Blob Boy & Friends

For starters, guests can view the artworks of Bannana Manz that showcase a familiar bunny character with an X for its eyes in odd backgrounds. KraChok’s art, on the other hand, draws inspiration from his blue bird-like character. In case one blue bird is not enough, PSP.27's fuzzy bird artworks are also on display.

Bannana Manz
Website/Blob Boy & Friends
Website/Blob Boy & Friends
Website/Blob Boy & Friends

In terms of vibes, feel free to check Meanlee's works for creations that give off a 90s feel, BlobBoy's for a trippy blend of vibrant colours, and Sandier's for dreamy illustrations.

Website/Blob Boy & Friends
Website/Blob Boy & Friends
Website/Blob Boy & Friends

Meanwhile, 0ne uses cubism in his works, and Peace features graffiti in his.

Website/Blob Boy & Friends
Website/Blob Boy & Friends

Wander through the imaginative landscapes of these talented artists until March 30 every day (except Sundays) from 10 AM to 5 PM.Find out more about the event below:

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