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Level Up BKK: Business, Seminars, & Masterclass Events in April 2024

Bangkok Business Forums Masterclass Events April 2024 Photo by Website/Unsplash

The hustle never stops, and neither should your professional growth! If you're looking to boost your career and expand your network, you're in luck. We've handpicked a selection of top-notch business events happening this month that promise to deliver unparalleled insights, practical knowledge, and valuable connections.

From thought-provoking seminars led by industry experts to practical masterclasses that delve into the latest trends and strategies, these events offer a wealth of opportunities to equip you with the knowledge and connections to thrive.

1. Coding Challenge 2024 - TECH TALK

Coding Challenge 2024 - TECH TALK
Photo by Website/Eventpop

SCBX NEXT TECH's Coding Challenge - TECH TALK on April 7 is a must-attend event for tech enthusiasts in Bangkok. With lectures on the impact of AI, the future of programming, and the rise of Web3, it's a deep dive into technology's evolving landscape. Get your FREE tickets now at Eventpop to secure your spot!

2. CFA Institute APAC Open Day

CFA Institute APAC Open Day
Photo by Facebook/CFA Institute

Explore the future of finance at the "CFA Institute APAC Open Day," set on April 12-13. This virtual conference offers insights from CFA charterholders and industry leaders to help you adapt and thrive in the changing financial sector. With topics ranging from ESG Investing to Data Science and opportunities to win discounts on the CFA Program Level I exam, this event is a must-attend for those looking to advance in finance. Apply now!

3. Sales100Million Presents: Sales Director and Sales Strategy 64th Class

Sales100Million Presents: Sales Director and Sales Strategy 64th Class
Photo by Website/Eventpop

Join Sales100Million's 64th Sales Director and Strategy Class on April 20-21 at the Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit for an intensive two-day course on advanced sales team management and strategy. Gain world-class insights into leadership, team building, and motivation to drive your sales team to new heights. Perfect for executives and business owners committed to excelling in sales leadership! Secure your tickets now at Eventpop!

4. DAY 1 Workshop: Become a UX/UI Designer Class 12

DAY 1 Workshop: Become a UX/UI Designer Class 12
Photo by Website/Eventpop

Join DAY 1's intensive "UX/UI Designer Class 12" workshop from April 20-28 at True Digital Park. Learn UX/UI design foundations, tools like Figma, and practical skills for real-world application. Ideal for beginners and those refining their craft, the workshop promises a deep dive into design principles to culminate in portfolio development. Secure your spot today via Eventpop!

5. AMCHAM SBE Committee - The Future for Thailand's Startup Ecosystem

AMCHAM SBE Committee - The Future for Thailand's Startup Ecosystem
Photo by Facebook/AMCHAM Thailand

Explore "The Future for Thailand's Startup Ecosystem" with AMCHAM's SBE Committee on April 23 at The Urban Office, Bangkok. Engage with leading experts and founders in a collaborative discussion to drive growth and opportunities in the startup space. This event is ideal for entrepreneurs and investors aiming to navigate and contribute to Thailand's evolving entrepreneurial landscape. Register now!

6. BCCT ONE-DAY WORKSHOP: Empower your team and deliver on your business strategy

BCCT ONE-DAY WORKSHOP: Empower your team and deliver on your business strategy
Photo by Website/British Chamber of Commerce Thailand

Empower your team and propel your business strategy with BCCT's one-day workshop on April 24 at Mode Sathorn, Bangkok. Led by Asia Bashir, this session will delve into creating a positive work culture, engaging your team, and making strategic decisions aligned with core values. This is a prime opportunity for professionals to enhance their leadership skills and foster a thriving workplace. Register now!

7. Asia Pillars - OPEN DOORS 2024

Asia Pillars - OPEN DOORS 2024
Photo by Website/Ticketmelon

Asia Pillars' "OPEN DOORS 2024," happening on April 24 at Monkey Pod, offers a unique networking experience with Thailand's elite. Explore business growth opportunities among 350 attendees. Don't miss this chance to connect with industry leaders and discover the benefits of Asia Pillars membership. Regular tickets can be purchased via Ticketmelon!

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