Shrek x Crocs Classic Clog Collab: Where to Buy Sept. 2023


Shrek x Crocs Classic Clog Collaboration Steps Into The Swamp

Expanding their domain beyond their hot collabs with Palace Skateboards, Salehe Bembury, and Quebecois design studio JJJJound, controversial footwear brand Crocs has just announced their latest crossover shoe – the Shrek x Crocs Classic Clog.

A meme legend, a cinematic cultural touchstone, and a gigantic green presence that first made its pop culture appearance in 2001, the Shrek series is a Dreamworks franchise that stars Mike Myers as its eponymous ogre alongside Eddie Murphy as his donkey sidekick.

Taking a very striking and anthropomorphic approach to the design, the shoe is adorned with nose and ear Jibbitz attachments to replicate Shrek’s face. The upper and sole are both sprayed in a slime green shade dotted with speckles, whilst the strap is the same shade of brown as the ogre’s vest, complete with a furry finish and ‘S’ logo.

Rumoured to be available for purchase within this month, the Shrek x Crocs Classic Clog is priced at US$60. You can buy them at select Crocs retailers near you and online on the Crocs website.

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