First Cultivated Meat Company in MY to Open by End-2024
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Malaysia's First Lab-grown Meat Facility to Open by Late 2024

Cell Agritech

Malaysia’s first cultivated meat company, Cell AgriTech, plans to launch its facility in Penang by the end of 2024. In a bid to provide a sustainable and healthy diet for everyone, a group of specialised medical experts has come together to create “meat without slaughter.”

Cell AgriTech’s cultivated meat will come from the cells of conventionally raised livestock, such as seafood, beef, and chicken. It will undergo tissue engineering techniques, similar to the process of regenerative medicine, to grow live animal cells in bioreactors and produce meat products good for consumption.

This process is believed to be more sustainable than traditional farming as it requires less carbon footprint throughout the entire process, from land clearing to logistics. The company’s price target to sell cultivated meat is likely be less than US$10 per kilogram.

Cell AgriTech’s cultivated meat
Photo credit: Website/Cell AgriTech

Cell AgriTech founder Jason Ng is in talks with Malaysia's health ministry about getting certified for the safety of his products, as the government does not currently allow the sale of cultivated meat, the Channel News Asia reported today.

Other substantial global problems that the lab-grown meat facility aims to address are food security, food supply, animal welfare, environmental impact, and food waste.

Cell AgriTech’s cultivated meat
Photo credit: Website/Cell AgriTech

For more information, visit Cell AgriTech’s website.

Location: Cell Agritech Sdn. Bhd, Lot 34, 3, Jalan Hi-tech 2/3, Kulim Hi-tech Park, Kulim, Kedah, Malaysia

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