Your Astrological Predictions & Horoscopes for February 2023


Your Sign’s Astrology Prediction and Horoscope Playbook for February 2023

Welcome back from all the festivities, recreation, and rest from the back-to-back celebrations. Now that 2023 is entering full swing, it seems like we are bouncing off the walls, between charging full speed ahead in their career and passions to continue that New Year’s resolution momentum on high and keeping that energy in our social lives.

As we become sandwiched between untethered yet dreamy Aquarius, and sensitive Pisces; taking a breather for an emotional pitstop will be beneficial for every sign under the moon’s momentum through the month. Moving into full form in Leo on Feb. 5, to a new moon in Pisces later mid-month, this is a time of introspection and reflection rather than being tempted by gossip and nosy investigation.

Find your sun sign below to read up on the rest of what the stars have in store that’s just for you over the cycle of this month!

Aquarius: January 20 to February 18

Inquisitive and insightful, an Aquarius’ greatest gift can at times be their greatest curse. While you find yourself led by ideas, especially ones that others may not be as attuned to discovering, finding the momentum to bring you out of your thoughts into action is an arduous quest. Time to cut out unproductive and unhealthy habits to make way for tangible goals. Let the new moon in Pisces on Feb. 20 help bring you to a fresh start, lending you the air of self-compassion to make this journey a long-lasting one.

With Venus entering the communications sector, it is also a time to be bold and daring in self-expression, opening the possibility of interesting connections. By the end of the month, money-making projects, savings programs, and developing talents become more important. It is an opportunity to enjoy the present while also building a secure future.

Pisces: February 19 to March 20

‘Tis your season, and it’s the season of love, and that means it's the perfect time for Pisceans to open up to new connections and experiences. Whether it's a flaming fling or a lifelong partner, the stars are ripe with opportunity for karmic romance and new friendships. What’s more, on Feb. 18, your season officially begins with a new moon in your own sign of Pisces, bringing the perfect timing for new beginnings in creating beneficial habits or reinforcing existing resolutions.

Only a day away on Feb. 19, Venus will enter Aries and offer the potential to welcome inbound abundance in confidence that magnetically brings in new friends, romance, or all of the above. So, take the chance to celebrate your birthday, sweet Pisces, and enjoy the magic of the season.

Aries: March 21 to April 19

This February, Aries can look forward to a month of emotional growth and exciting opportunities. The powerful Full Moon in Pisces on Feb. 5 serves to highlight any hidden feelings that may be lurking beneath the surface, no matter if it’s regarding your relationship with someone or involvement in a project.

This is also the perfect time to devote more energy to spiritual and self-care practices, as the month will taper off to a close with Pisces season beginning Feb. 19, which is characteristically a period known for wisdom and spiritual growth. Take a leaf out of these fishes’ book and dial up on your sensitive side to get a better idea of what speaks to your sense of creativity and whimsy, so that when Venus enters your sign of Aries on Feb. 20, your personal charm can be brought up to the surface.

Taurus: April 20 to May 20

As the homebodies of the zodiac, with a reputation for having a taste for the finer pleasures in life, Tauruses can gain a lot of gratification and inspiration from spending quality time with their closest inner circle. A full moon in Leo on Feb. 5 can trigger a realization of a recent imbalance that is easily cured with support from your lovable friends and family.

In fact, by engaging in these new sparks of conversation, you can not only gain a new wealth of new perspectives and intuitions thanks to the movement of communication-oriented mercury into Aquarius on Feb. 11, but also open up to new friendships and connections during the introduction of Pisces season on Feb. 19.

Gemini: May 21 to June 20

This February is a month of progress and growth for gobby Gemini. With your ruling planet Mercury moving into Aquarius on Feb. 11 bringing important conversations into the spotlight. Thanks to the full moon in Leo from Feb. 5 giving you a balanced foundation to stand on, these discussions are not ones that will leave you with a sour taste in your mouth – so long as you keep impulsivity at bay, of course.

Concurrently, the new moon in Pisces on Feb. 18 allows for a fresh start towards career goals and responsibilities. This professional reflection is one that pertains to your innermost goals and passions, as Pisces season's beginning on Feb. 19 is a reminder of the wonders of the season.

Cancer: June 21 to July 22

February is a period that could be likened to a growing farmland that is in the midst of growing, but not yet ready to sow. A time for Cancerians to visualize their hopes for abundance, and a beneficial time to have conversations about managing and earning money. In fact, the full moon in Leo on the Feb. 5 may have forced a change in spending habits or budgeting, if only a small breakaway from the usual.

The cosmos is pushing you to be thoughtful in your approach to finances, to make way for new opportunities to come up. With Venus entering Aries on Feb. 18, there is an active, fire-sign energy towards chasing outward focus, alongside a revved-up drive to learn, debate and share ideas. These are all great help in bringing about manifestations.

Leo: July 23 to Aug. 22

An exciting month for the social feline Leo, February is brimming with the potential for intense socializing and meaningful connections. On Feb. 18 new moon in Pisces will smooth out a spot beside you to bring new beginnings in both love and work. This is further bolstered by Venus entering the fellow fire sign Aries one day later on Feb. 19, signifying abundance in all areas of life.

This is a great time to reflect on the connections you have made and to explore new hobbies and activities. Stimulating friendships and group activities can help restore your energy and vigor, while also providing a chance to meet new people and build strong relationships. It's also a great opportunity to explore new interests and passions, since you'll likely be surrounded by like-minded people outside of your usual circles.

Virgo: Aug. 23 to Sept. 22

As the new year falls behind, February brings focus to your innermost resolutions surrounding habits, routines, health, and close relationships. As the hermit of the signs, Virgos are urged to carve out some time for rest and rejuvenation - stay in your shell a little longer! As messenger Mercury enters Aquarius on your sixth house of health on Feb. 11, honour your beauty, rest, and general wellbeing and set the right boundaries to fulfill them properly.

While you may be incredibly busy dividing your time and focusing on daily affairs by tightening routines and habits, be prepared for oodles and oodles of affection over your love and sex life. The stars shine brightly on your romantic life, reminding you to take charge of your romantic destiny and needs, go on, you can do it.

Libra: September 23 to October 22

As the asteroid Ceres shoots across the sky, Libras should be reminded to make some time for themselves – even if you are in a happy and committed partnership. As a cardinal sign, it can be easy for Libras to be swept away by the current of their partner and lose what makes them independently unique. Ruled by the romantic Venus, be wary of how this may translate in your romantic life, and don’t lose sight of the value of friendships and platonic loves.

Despite this, allow yourself openness and clarity with your love relationships, and watch the best version of yourself shine through your partnership. Around the time the Full Moon rises on Feb. 5, you might notice a strong sense of optimism, a positive climb in your romantic life, and your creativity. Use this and allow those musings to take you somewhere special.

Scorpio: October 23 to November 21

Mars is picking up speed in your solar eight house, beckoning you to look within and focus more on your inner world. The fiercest of all signs, your loyalty makes itself abundantly clear as you continue to take more pride in your domestic world and family. Now is a time to make life-long memories with the special ones in your life as Venus moves in your sector of joy and remains until Feb. 20.

With no care in the world for public approval or satisfying societal expectations this month, find strength and acceptance from none other than yourself. Your career and responsibilities still need attention, of course, and the Full Pisces moon on Feb. 5 will remind you of this balance. When taking pride in your domestic relationships, don’t be afraid to talk through problems to arrive at valuable or interesting views of personal history.

Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21

Oh, darling Sag, you’re going to be busy, alright. This month is an excellent time to connect, learn and share with the people you hold closest to you. But don’t forget to pay close attention to your personal studies and interests, as they will continue to gather momentum as you take flight into the year. As the full moon on Feb. 5 rises, you may find more harmony in digesting lessons and discoveries than others.

Rest and take heed to your bodies’ needs in the earlier half of February, as the month sees you marking up date after date with a busy social calendar in the latter half of the month. The Sun breaks into your solar fourth house on Feb. 18, providing you with a fresh start for all aspects of your social life. While Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and the loves in your life are a model example of fulfilment, the holiday itself will not be your priority. Turning inwards, practising gratitude, and putting effort into the right friendships, errands, and studies will be the real prize.

Capricorn: December 22 to January 19

As the month passes, you might notice that the seeds you sowed earlier in January are finally starting to sprout up and out of the earth. As a result-driven Capricorn, you’re encouraged to revel in your success and plan for future achievements. While you might not want to put your money in the hands of stars, it seems like this month will be a prosperous time for your career, your earning potential, your health, and your routines. Jointly-held assets, and intimacy, may be a noteworthy aspect to pay close attention to around the full moon of Feb. 5.

Watch in awe as the results of your hard work start to take shape in your professional life, and be grateful for the love and warmth in your home life. Come Feb. 18, you may learn where you stand with decision-making and planning around fiscal or interpersonal matters. This month, you might see that you are being pulled into a more affectionate dynamic with a partner or enjoying the growth of a new friendship.

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