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Six Mobile Apps for Couples to Spice Up Relationships

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Relationship Apps for Couples

Undeniably, the so-called “mobile era” is here to stay! Smartphones continue to evolve and become the tool to connect people’s daily responsibilities. From sending texts to emails and surfing the internet to accessing online banking, more people prefer to use mobile apps because of the personalised experience they offer.

Aside from businesses, there are now mobile apps designed specifically for couples who want to make their relationships healthier whether they’re in long distance or simply want to have fun with their romantic partners.

Couple Game: Relationship Quiz

If you and your significant other love to play quizzes and games together, we recommend checking out this relationship app called Couple Game. This app was created to help assess how well you know your partner and provide another way to get to know your partner better, bringing you closer through meaningful conversations.

The app features a series of intriguing questions about your partner’s personality, perspectives, and lots of different topics where you can win fun prizes in real life. 

Download via Google Play and App Store


“Every relationship needs a Spark!”

Sparks is a relationship app that aims to make decision making between couples easier and more fun. It introduces new experiences for couples in managing their relationships like deciding what to watch during movie night, coming up with the best date ideas, reminders of important dates, and relationship advice from the community itself.

Other features of the apps are the “In The Mood” button, shared bucket list, quick emojis, and more. 

Download via Google Play and App Store

Shareroo: Couple Budget

Navigate your financial journey with your partner with Shareroo: Couple Budget app. It can help organize finances and split expenses with a single click. This app for couples can also be used to create events or reminders, share a grocery list, and customise expenses or income categories effortlessly. You can enjoy all these features for free and can be shared with your family or friends of up to 10 people. 

Download via App Store

WhereAreYou App

WhereAreYou is a relationship app that allows you to locate people by sending them a text message through SMS, WhatsApp, or iMessage. The receiver doesn’t need to install the app to determine their location.

The app guarantees it is the “safest location sharing app” and is not made for tracking or stalking someone, as a location request must be approved by the receiver first. If the receiver has moved to a new location, the app won’t update automatically. Instead, the recipient will need to re-approve the request. 

Download via Google Play and App Store


Between is a special messenger app for couples that allows them to “communicate more romantically” by using stickers and GIF selfies for every occasion. It has a reminder and calendar features, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting any special days between you and your significant other. In case you need to change your phone, Between can still keep the photos you’ve saved in your albums. 

Download via Google Play and App Store


Paired is one of the must-have apps for couples because of its all-encompassing features, which can be used to connect, play, learn, read, chat, track, and remind. It has been featured in various media publications including Glamour, BBC News, The Huffington Post, and more. The app was rewarded as the winner in the Personal Growth category for the Google Play Award in 2020 and as the Apple App of the Day in December 2020.

With this mobile app, couples can track their relationship progress by answering questions about previous conversations, completing games, and more. They can also learn about each other's favourite things, play games together, and get relationship advice from professionals. 

Download via Google Play and App Store

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