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Nightlife Bangkok: IKONYX CONCERT, Plus 9 Amazing Events

Explore Bangkok's vibrant nightlife with highlights including the IKONYX CONCERT, Elijah Woods' "ilu 24/7, 365" Tour, and NOEUL THE 1st CONCERT DUSK TILL DAWN. Keep your social calendar exciting with The Beat Bangkok’s comprehensive guide. Don’t miss out on the top nightlife attractions in the city!

Nightlife Bangkok: MAD BERLIN x KIRILL SHAPOVALOV, Plus 9 Amazing Events

Experience Bangkok's eclectic nightlife with events guaranteed to captivate. Relive iconic movie scores with RBSO's Hans Zimmer concert, join the MAD BERLIN x KIRILL SHAPOVALOV party, and don't miss the "Star Wars: A New Hope" live orchestra. Stay updated with The Beat Bangkok for all top events.
The Changing Landscape of Modern Dating in the PH

We Asked, They Answered: Couple, DINK, the Single on Modern Relationships

This February, The Beat Asia turned to a Gen Z couple, a single Gen Z woman, and a millennial DINK (double income, no kids) couple for their takes on modern love.

This New App for LGBTQIA+ Members Lets You Find a Mare or a Jowa

Find romantic or platonic connections through Thundr, a community app made for LGBTQIA+ members aged 35 and above. Find out more about this exciting app.
First Date Ideas Bangkok

Thank Us Later: Five Ideas for a Casual and Fun First Date in Bangkok

If you're back on the playing field and feel you're heading towards a first date, know that there's more to it than coffee or dinner. Here's what else to try!
Pocketing Orbiting Modern Dating Terms You Oughta Know in 2023

Pocketing? Orbiting? Modern Dating Terms You Oughta Know in 2023

The dating scene can be a war zone. To be prepared, here's a lexical guide on some modern dating terms you oughta know in this day and age. Best of luck!