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Yes Chef EJ Lagman of Filipino Experimental Restaurant Makan at Eliseos

Yes, Chef! EJ Lagman of Filipino Experimental Restaurant Makan at Eliseos

The Beat Asia spoke with Chef EJ of Makan at Eliseos, a Filipino experimental restaurant that skillfully infuses a delightful twist into traditional dishes. Read more.
Get to Know the Filipina Behind Astig Vegan Veganizing Filipino Dishes

'Astig Vegan': Meet the Filipina Who's Veganizing Our Fave Filipino Dishes

In an interview with The Beat Asia, Richgail “RG” Enriquez-Diez shares her journey as "Astig Vegan," embracing veganism for 15 years and counting. Read more.
60 Minute Feasts Barkada Filipino Restaurant Lunch Review 1

60-Minute Feasts: Barkada Filipino Restaurant Lunch Review

We reviewed the new lunch offerings at Barkada, a modern Filipino restaurant in the centre of SoHo. It serves classic Filipino dishes with a modern twist.
Yes Chef Delgado 112 Chef Golda Ranada

Yes, Chef! Golda Ranada of Filipino-Spanish Resto Delgado.112

The Beat Asia caught up with chef Golda to talk about her journey, her hopes for the local restaurant industry, and the three dishes that make her mouth water.
Yes Chef Nikko Roa Executive Chef of Apartment 1 B Restaurant

Yes, Chef! Nikko Roa, Executive Chef of Apartment 1B Restaurant

Executive chef Nikko Roa’s more than 10 years of experience working in five-star hotels and restaurants shines through in every dish presented at Apartment 1B.