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The capital city of Thailand is full of PM2 5 dust

Explainer: Why Is Thailand Experiencing Bad Air Quality Right Now?

In a bid to further understand the importance of maintaining high air quality standards, here’s an overview of the existing state of air pollution in Thailand.
Mitsubishi CP Group to Decarbonise Thai Manufacturing

Mitsubishi, CP Group Team Up to Decarbonise Manufacturing in Thailand

Through the partnership, Mitsubishi and Charoen Pokphand will combine their expertise in renewable energy development and strong network to determine ways to decarbonise the country’s manufacturing sector.
Hong Kong Kington

How Renaud Air is Making Indoor Air Clean and Affordable in Hong Kong

Air purifiers are not a cheap investment. Banking on this gap, Renaud Air offers a unique solution to enjoy the benefits of clean air without breaking the bank - by renting air purifiers in Hong Kong.
Human Impact on Coral Reefs Immediate Actions for Long term Solutions Header

Human Impact on Coral Reefs: Immediate Actions for Long-term Solutions

A twenty-year study reveals the profound impact of human activities on coral reel health, highlighting the need for local action and global mitigation efforts.
Hong Kong to Remove Kerbside Bins To Encourage Better Disposal Habits Header

Hong Kong to Remove Kerbside Bins to Encourage Better Disposal Habits

Hong Kong will gradually limit the number of rubbish bins on the streets in an effort to encourage residents to bring their waste home and develop stronger waste disposal habits.
Beverage Container Return Scheme Singapore

Beverage Packaging to Get Refundable Deposit in Container Return Scheme

The scheme, recommended by the 2019 Citizens' Workgroup on #RecycleRight, will see plastic bottles and metal drink cans to get a refundable deposit of 10 cents.
Alterpacks Singapore

Alterpacks, the Green Alternative to Plastic Packaging Made of Grains

Alterpacks, a Singaporean startup that uses spent grains to create compostable food containers, is on a mission to help combat the plastic waste problem.