Buccellati Unveils Jewellery Lineup Featuring Rare Gemstones
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Buccellati Unveils Its Jewellery Lineup Featuring Rare Gemstones

Buccellati Unveils Jewellery Lineup Featuring Rare Gemstones Photo by Buccellati

Buccellati is taking luxury to the next level as the Italian jewellery and watchmaker unveils its handpicked selection of jewellery pieces, showcasing a combination of rare gemstones: Aquamarine, Diamond, and Emerald.

Presenting a feast for the eyes, the jewellery lineup is the perfect embodiment of Buccellati’s designs, which feature a harmony of colours and an ode to the Renaissance era. The jewellery pieces in these collections are carefully crafted with Italian goldsmithing expertise, with intricate designs surrounding the gemstones in each.

Aquamarine in II Giardino Di Buccellati Collection
Photo by Buccellati
Aquamarine Jewellery in Buccellati Macri Color Collection
Photo by Buccellati

The March gemstone, Aquamarine, comes alive through the High Jewellery Macri Color Collection and the Il Giardino Di Buccellati Collection. In Macri Color, the gemstone pops with exquisite “Rigato” and “Ornato” engravings surrounding it in every piece.

Meanwhile, Aquamarine, incorporated in Il Giardino di Buccellati, perfectly exudes the vibrant colours used by Impressionist painters.

Diamond Jewellery in Buccellati Ghirlanda Collection
Photo by Buccellati
Diamond Jewellery in Buccellati's Ramage Collection
Photo by Buccellati

Diamond, the April gemstone, also shines brightly in the brand’s Ramage and Ghirlanda collections. In Ramage, the diamonds are pieced together with yellow gold and white gold branches and vines, intricately designed to have little empty spaces to exude vitality and lightness.

In Ghirlanda, on the other hand, the diamonds lay on white gold. Inspired by magnificent floral garlands and adorned with brilliantly cut diamonds, the collection showcases femininity and elegance.

Emerald in Buccellati Opera High Jewellery Collection
Photo by Buccellati
Emerald in Buccellati Premium Band Ring High Jewellery
Photo by Buccellati

Rounding out the lineup is May gemstone Emerald, which is the star of the High Jewellery Band Ring Collection, Mosaico, and Opera collections. As a nod to the Renaissance era, the Premium Band Ring Collection spotlights the green-hued Emerald and traditional goldsmith craftsmanship. Meanwhile, the Mosaico Collection is an ode to the glass paste tesserae of Byzantine-era mosaics.

Lastly, the ultra-grand Opera High Jewellery Collection is inspired by the lavish architectural layouts of grand opera theatres, with Emerald as its centrepiece, surrounded by luxurious adornments of gold and diamonds.

Discover all of these and more by visiting Buccellati’s website.

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