New Movies, Series to Stream in Asia This October 2023

New Series, Movies in Oct. 2023: Netflix, Disney+, HBO Go, Amazon

There's no better time to indulge in spine-chilling thrills that keep you on the edge of your seat than this month. Our favourite streaming platforms are embracing the spooky season by offering a plethora of new titles that will stir your senses and make your heart race. Get ready to curl up on the couch with a cozy blanket, a bucket of popcorn, and immerse yourself in these new releases from Netflix, HBO Go, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime this October!

What to Watch on Netflix – October 2023

‘Beckham’ Documentary

In this four-part documentary series, fans and curious cats alike will re-discover the man behind the legend. One of the foremost football players in the 2000s, David Beckham has become a cultural icon, gaining immense popularity throughout his multicoloured life as a football superstar, celebrity, and husband to Victoria Beckham. Far from the tabloids, paparazzi and scandals, this documentary narrates his highs and lows in both his professional and personal lives.

When: Oct. 4

‘The Fall of the House of Usher’ Miniseries

Drawing inspiration from the macabre tales of Edgar Allan Poe, this quirky horror series is perfect for the spooky season. The Usher family is at the helm of a gigantic pharmaceutical corporation, Fortunato Pharmaceuticals. But wealth, privilege, and power come at a cost, or so we learn when a series of mysterious events unfold. Past secrets resurface as the heirs of the Usher family start dying at the hand of a mysterious figure from their dark and concealed past. Uncover the thrilling secret once this miniseries drops in October!

When: Oct. 12

‘Lupin’ Season 3

After attempting to avenge his father in season one, Assane continues his confrontation with the Pellegrini family. In a climactic finale, he successfully exposes Pellegrini's crimes to the police, but inadvertently reveals his identity to the world in the process. Season 3 finds Assane in hiding, away from his family. Consumed by guilt for the harm he caused them, Assane dares to dream of leaving France together to start a new life somewhere. But even in the freshest starts, do the ghosts of the past linger.

When: Oct. 5

What to Watch on HBO Go – October 2023

‘The Gilded Age’ Season 2

The first season of the show followed Marian Brook, as she was forced to leave Pennsylvania for New York, and discovered a world of wealth, change, and drama. Season 2 of the “Gilded Age” continues to delve into the lives and dramas of New York’s new rich, following Marian’s love life, the Russell family’s fight for power, the unfolding of Peggy Scott’s secrets.

When: Oct. 29

‘Final Destination’

The “Final Destination” franchise is one of the many Halloween classics. This series of horror-thriller films will have you questioning life, death, and destiny. Survivors of near-death experiences, the characters must work together to evade death’s plan and break the chain to save their lives. But death is not so easily cheated. Catch the tale of narrowly escaping gruesome ways to die as all five films in this American horror franchise drop on HBO this month.

When: Oct. 1

‘Friday the 13th

This remake of the classic 80’s movie is one of the most popular, and for a reason. Like in the previous versions, a group of friends goes camping in the Crystal Lake Camp, where a series of mysterious deaths happened in the past. However, the mystery continues to linger, sending one member after another to death… until finally, we discover the culprit’s identity.

When: Oct. 1

What to Watch on Disney Plus – October 2023

‘Loki’ Season 2

Odin’s (adopted) trickster son returns for a second season of a vast multiverse that has captured even the wildest imaginations of Marvel fans everywhere. With his constant warping in and out of various timelines, Loki and his partner in crime Mobius still find themselves running against the clock as new threats to the universe reveal themselves.

When: Oct. 5

‘Haunted Mansion’

The colourful reboot of the 2003 “The Haunted Mansion” unites an eclectic team of investigators to uncover the decrepit old mansion under Gabbie’s (Rosario Dawson) care. Together with her son Travis (Chase Dillon), a mourning tour guide (Lakeith Stanfield), Father Priest (Owen Wilson), medium Harriet (Tiffany Haddish), and historian Bruce (Danny Devito), they discover a mass haunting of 999 mischievous spirits.

When: Oct. 4


The new “Goosebumps” series is a departure from the ‘90s anthology that many viewers grew up with. In this Disney original, the five-part series takes a more mature approach and follows a group of five high schoolers as they embark on a shadowy journey to investigate the tragic passing of a teen named Harold Biddle – which happened almost three decades ago.

When: Oct. 13

What to Watch on Amazon Prime – October 2023

‘Totally Killer’

“Totally Killer” reaches Amazon Prime just in time for Halloween, as streaming platforms clamour to stockpile their spookiest flicks. Taking inspiration from well-loved classics like “Back to the Future,” “Freaky Friday,” and “Scream,” “Totally Killer” is the perfect blend of family-friendly comedy and hair-raising suspense.

The film follows Jamie Hughes, as she tries to squirm out of her overbearing mother’s thumb. Pam Hughes (Jamie’s mother) is the lone survivor of the 1987 murder spree of the so-called Sweet Sixteen Killer – a tragedy that changed her forever. When Jamie finds herself in the ‘80s face to face with a younger version of her mom, she resolves to stop a killing spree that has yet to happen.

When: Oct. 6

‘Mr. Dressup: The Magic of Make-Believe’

Fred Rogers and Ernie Coombs are two household names for those who grew up in the United States and Canada. From Fred Rogers’ “Mister Rogers’ Neighbourhood” and Ernie Coombs “Mr. Dressup,” viewers of these long-time shows might be surprised to know that “Mr Dressup” began its 30-year run in 1967, a year before Mister Roger’s Neighbourhood – and had a profound influence on Canadian children.

When: Oct. 10

‘Upload’ Season 3

Sci-fi comedy “Upload” returns for a long-awaited Season 3 with a complicated twist that spins a theatrical continuation of what happens in the digital afterlife. With Nathan now downloaded back into the world of the living, a tech at Horizen notices his disappearance and uploads a copy of him into the afterlife. Leading two lives, Nathan’s love life gets progressively more complicated to keep track of.

When: Oct. 20

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