2023 Starfield Release Date, Gameplay Details, Where to Buy
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Starfield Guide: Release Date, Gameplay Details, and Where to Buy

Starfield Guide Release Date Gameplay Details and Where to Buy 4

Gear up for the release of Starfield, the highly anticipated RPG from Bethesda Game Studios. Create your character, customise your starship, and embark on an epic journey to uncover the greatest mystery in the galaxy. Get ready to explore planets, recruit companions, and engage in thrilling dogfights in deep space.

The Beat Asia has the low-down for all the details, with the most anticipated AAA game to release this century. 

Starfield Release Date, Gameplay Details, and Where to Buy

What is the story of Starfield?

Set in 2330, this next-gen RPG lets players journey beyond humanity's known universe, answering questions that have puzzled civilisations for centuries.

Embark on a personal adventure as you create a unique character, join the last group of space explorers, Constellation, traverse bustling cities, explore dangerous bases, and navigate wild landscapes across over 1,000 planets.

With the timing of the global release tailored to your location, get ready to launch into Bethesda’s most ambitious game yet.

When is Starfield’s public release?

Brought to life by the creators of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4, Starfield launches on Xbox Series X|S and PC on Sept. 7 or Sept. 1 with the Starfield Premium Edition, Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade, or the Starfield Constellation Edition.

Starfield launches officially on Sept. 5 in Los Angeles, Mexico City, Chicago, New York, and San Paulo, and on Sept. 6 in London, Berlin, Riyadh, Delhi, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, Sydney, and Auckland.

Starfield Release Date, Gameplay Details, and Where to Buy

How much does Starfield cost?

Starfield is available for preorder on Steam for US$69.99 for the standard edition and US$99.99 for the Digital Premium edition.

The Xbox Series X|S cost of the game is US$69.99 for the standard edition and US$99.99 for the Starfield Premium Edition.

What is the game file size for Starfield?

The Microsoft store lists the approximate size of Starfield on PC as 139.84 GB, whilst the Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade is 16.83 GB. Steam interestingly lists Starfield as requiring 125 GB on PC.

On Xbox Series X / S, the file size for the Standard Edition is 100.19 GB and the Premium Edition is 117.07GB on consoles.

Starfield Release Date, Gameplay Details, and Where to Buy

How can I buy Starfield?

You can head to the official Steam website to purchase the full version, or the online Xbox store to buy for your console.

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