How to Make Your Last-minute Year-end Travel Less Stressful
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Last-minute Year-end Travel? Here Are Some Tips To Make It Less Stressful

Last minute Year end Travel Here Are Some Tips To Make It Less Stressful

So, your vacation leave didn’t get approved for Christmas, or someone else in your team beat you to it. You thought you wouldn’t get that well-deserved break, but luck was still on your side, and you were able to take the days off at the last minute! In this case, people would normally want to stay at home to avoid the holiday rush. But you know that’s not you. You need to be somewhere to end and start the new year on an adventure. While we find that admirable, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when planning a last-minute year-end travel. Here are some of them.

Pack Lightly and Avoid Multiple Bags

Travel Backpack

The year-end is going to be crowded whether you like it or not. While you don’t want to leave behind your travel must-haves, it’s best to bring only the essentials and pack lightly. While you’re at it, avoid multiple bags. A backpack and a small sling bag or waist bag for your valuables will do. It will be faster to move around this way than lugging around a huge luggage. You also won’t have to always be pre-occupied and worry about leaving something behind.

Manage Your Expectations

inside the airplane

The thing about preparing at the last-minute is you’ll have to make do with whatever is available. You might not get a room with a view, a window or aisle seat, or a seat beside your friends on the bus or plane. Unlike you who booked tickets and accommodations within the last weeks of December, others have booked everything two to three months prior because they know how busy it can get during the peak season. In fact, you’re lucky to still be able to book something for the year-end. We’re not saying to keep your expectations low, but you shouldn’t set it too high.

Double Check Holiday Operating Hours

operating hours open sign

The establishment you want to visit says that they’re open daily until 6 PM, but with the holidays, it’s best to double check until the day before or even the morning of your visit. It might be business as usual for them, but to avoid disappointment, you should check for last-minute announcements like a specific item being sold out or an earlier closing time. This way, you can adjust your schedule and include the holiday rush in your considerations or cancel this destination out of your itinerary.

Bring Extra Food and Drinks

snack protein bar

There’s no telling how long you’ll have to wait if you decide to walk in without a reservation at a restaurant. Even if you’re third on the waitlist, the staff won’t be able to tell the exact time when you’ll be called. Bringing snacks and drinks will help you hold on until you’re finally seated or if it comes to worse, they’ll be your meal while you wait for the peak hours to pass. They’re also going to be your lifesaver in case you get stuck in a less urban place waiting for public transportation.

Have Enough Cash on Hand

money banknotes bills dollar peso baht

Don’t forget to bring extra cash, unless you want to waste your time at the ATM (only to find out that it run out of cash!). Sure, digital payments have made quite a jump since the COVID-19 pandemic started, but you shouldn’t completely rely on them. Some modes of transportation still ask for cash. It’s also a good measure in case you encounter a problem with your bank or if you can’t get a signal to scan QR codes for payment. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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