Seven Must-Watch Thai Horror Films for Halloween 2023
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Must-Watch Thai Horror Films for Your Dose of Spooky Stories this Halloween

Best Thai Horror Movies to Binge for Halloween 2023

Horror movies exist to stir our emotions and keep us on the edge of our seats. But let’s admit it: not all horror films are scary. In fact, most, if not all, depend excessively on jumpscares and loud sound effects instead of offering a gripping storyline. Finding a horror film that effectively combines a good plot with authentic scares can be a challenge in today’s cinema landscape.

The good news is that over the years, the Thai entertainment industry has been generous in delivering what we crave: horror films that will keep us awake at night and leave us contemplating the next day.

Whether you’re hosting a Halloween watch party with your friends, adding a new horror film to your movie collection, or just want to create a spooky atmosphere at home this Oct. 31, these old and new Thai horror films will definitely keep the lights on in your room for the next few days or even weeks.

Best Thai Horror Films to Watch This Halloween 2023

‘Home for Rent’ (2023)

If you’re in search of a terrifying movie that explores black magic, murder, and disappearances, “Home for Rent” by filmmaker Sophon Sakdaphisit might be the one you’re looking for. Inspired by real-life events, this thriller follows the story of notorious cult members Ratree and Nuch as they terrorise the home of couple Ning and Kwin.

‘Cracked’ (2022)

Director Surapong Ploensang takes everything we love about associating horror stories around inanimate objects in her debut film “Cracked.” This movie follows Ruja, who inherits a mysterious collection of paintings from her late artist father. To sell them at a good price, she hires a young art restorer named Tim to repair the pieces. While working on the paintings, they uncover a spine-chilling history woven into the artworks, and sinister things start to happen.

‘The Medium’ (2021)

“The Medium” centres around a young woman named Nim, who possesses the ability to communicate with dead people. She serves as a shaman in a small village in Thailand, where she helps the community connect with their dead loved ones. Co-produced by Thailand’s GDH 559 and South Korea’s Showbox, “The Medium” was awarded the best feature film at the 25th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival in 2021.

‘Pee Mak’ (2013)

In the hit 2013 dark comedy film “Pee Mak,” Mario Maurer departed from his typical romcom roles and introduced a more adventurous character with Mak. The film is based on the Mae Nak Phra Khanong legend of Thai folklore and follows the adventures of Mak, Aey, Shin, Ter, and Puak as they uncover the mysteries of their town. Despite having comedy undertones, “Pee Mak” is filled with chilling plotlines that will keep you hooked, especially when Mak makes the shocking discovery that his wife, Nak, is a ghost all along.

‘Laddaland’ (2011)

A family settling into a new neighbourhood experiences paranormal encounters. Sounds familiar? While “Laddaland” follows the typical horror movie storyline we all know, it still packs a punch with its chilling elements that don’t just rely on loud sounds. From creepy visuals to how the story unfolds when the family relocates to Laddaland, this is a movie you’d want to watch with no interruption. And did we mention that it won six accolades at the Thailand National Film Association Awards? That alone speaks about its excellence as a horror film.

‘Coming Soon’ (2008)

Picture a horror movie where the main character is a pirate, and then the creepy stuff from that plot starts happening in real life. In Sophon Sakdaphisit’s 2008 thriller “Coming Soon,” Som, a theatre worker who bootlegs movies, finds himself in this situation.

‘Dorm’ (2006)

Imagine the shock of discovering your close friend is a ghost. This is exactly what happens to Ton, a young Thai boy who was sent to a boarding school by his father. “Dorm” tackles the story of a young boy who drowned in the boarding school’s swimming pool. To cope with the disturbing story, Ton befriends a boy named Vichien, only to find out later that he was the very same boy who drowned in the pool.

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