Siam Discovery Introduces Second-hand Store for Luxury Items

Sell Your Second-Hand Luxury Items at Siam Discovery’s Circular of Lux

Repurpose luxury items that are not in use by selling them to the Circular of Lux store, the latest investment of lifestyle mall Siam Discovery.

Inside the store, different second-hand luxury items from customers who bought their items from Siam Paragon or ICONSIAM will be up for sale for a lesser price.

The lifestyle mall aims to promote sustainability and make Siam Discovery the country’s leading “luxury circulator.”

The store will serve as a hub, which will have a security room where items will be checked for authenticity.

Second-hand luxury items will be displayed in the store for a month and will be returned to their original owners if no one purchases them within the given timeframe.

With the continuous growth of Gen Z customers, Siam Discovery aims to attract more younger customers who prefer to buy discounted luxury items.

To learn more about the process, visit Circular of Lux’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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