Green is in: 5 Sustainable Thai Fashion Brands to Support


Green is in: 5 Sustainable Fashion Brands in Thailand You Should Support

From big, established brands to mom-and-pop shops, sustainability has taken over the chatter in recent years. Thanks to growing calls to revisit fast-fashion practices, people have become more conscious about what they consume and its impact on the environment. In Thailand, a lot of local fashion brands are also making strides in this aspect, proving that one can be fashionable and stylish without compromising the environment. In this article, we have selected five local labels worth supporting for their fashionable and eco-friendly practices.

Mae Teeta

This brand is an homage to the owners’ matriarch, Mae Teeta, who reformed the traditional indigo dyeing technique in Thailand. Their products are made of locally harvested cotton and other color-making plants such as ebony and mango. As part of Mae Teeta’s efforts to give back to the community, all their products are handmade by traditional Thai weavers. Their product line-up includes vests, polos, jackets, skirts, blouses, and dyed fabrics.

Mr. Leaf Thailand

Based in Chiang Mai, Mr. Leaf brands their products as “eco-vegan” by using sustainable materials. Their bags and accessories are made of tong tung leaves, which are native to northern provinces in Thailand. They also import their products to the United States and other countries.

Madmatter Studio

Another eco-friendly fashion brand in Thailand is Madmatter Studio, which designs casual and youthful pieces. They describe themselves as a sustainable label that transforms “waste into worth” by preventing excess but perfectly usable textiles from ending up in landfills, among other nature-friendly practices. Their clothing items usually come in minimalist designs and consider the wearer’s style and comfort.


The brainchild of a former programmer-turned-entrepreneur, Taktai combines bamboo fiber with rayon and cotton to create their own textiles. They invest in research and development to come up with smooth and soft fabrics that their clothes are known for. As one of the most popular sustainable fashion brands in Thailand, Taktai is constantly updating and expanding their product catalog, which consists of casual attire, outerwear, dresses, jumpsuits, scarves, and footwear, among many others. If you love monochromatic and minimalist designs, Taktai is up your alley.

Sue: Everyday Holiday

This brand is best known for their colorful skirt wraps that look well as a casual attire or beachwear. The former might make you raise your eyebrows, but we guarantee you that with the right top, Sue’s skirt wrap is a great fit if you are out for a stroll! Their products use 100% natural fibers and are handmade. Aside from the pops of bright colors, we love the fact that their wraps are easy to iron and are smooth to the skin!

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