OpenAI Adds Voice and Image Capabilities to ChatGPT


OpenAI Adds Voice, Image Capabilities to AI tool ChatGPT

ChatGPT has become even smarter with the introduction of new features by its parent company, OpenAI, enabling the tool to see, listen, and engage in conversations with users. The new capabilities offer ChatGPT users a “more intuitive type of interface,” OpenAI said in a blog post.

With the new features, users can have a back-and-forth conversation with the ChatGPT assistant without having to type a prompt. Just speak directly to the tool, and it will answer you through voice in an instant!

What’s more interesting is that you can choose from five different human-like voices, depending on your preference. It also utilizes an open-source speech recognition system called Whisper to transcribe spoken words into text.

Meanwhile, the image recognition feature allows you to take a photo, send it to ChatGPT, and ask questions about the picture. For example, you can take a photo of your refrigerator and ask ChatGPT to make a recipe for you based on its contents. You can also use the drawing tool to point out the specific part of the image that you want to know about.

The new features are set to be rolled out in the next few weeks to ChatGPT’s Plus and Enterprise versions. The voice feature will be available on iOS and Android devices, while image recognition will be accessible on all platforms.

Learn more about the new features by visiting OpenAI’s website or following its X (formerly Twitter) page.

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