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Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft to Launch Its First AI Datacenter in Thailand

Microsoft Unveils Plans for Its First Datacenter, AI Projects in Thailand

The datacenter and improved digital infrastructure will be key milestones for the country’s “Ignite Thailand” vision, which aims to develop its potential to be a regional digital economy and research and development hub.
Meta AI featured

Meta Introduces the ‘Smartest’ AI Assistant Across their Apps for Free

Prepare for a more convenient day-to-day Internet surfing as Meta introduces the Meta AI Assistant across all their apps for free. Find out more about it here.
Microsoft AI Training

Microsoft Will Provide AI and Cybersecurity Training for Filipino Women

Tech giant Microsoft announced they will train over 100,000 Filipino women in AI and cybersecurity to help combat disinformation. Find out more here.
Gemini AI

Google Upgrades AI Tool, Renaming It From ‘Bard’ to ‘Gemini’

Get ready to access one of the most advanced AI tools on the internet. Google just renamed their AI chatbot and here’s what you need to know about it.
Huawei Cloud MDES Team Up to Elevate AI in Thailand

Huawei Cloud, MDES Team Up to Elevate AI Development in Thailand

The partnership will give support to Thailand’s projects, talent cultivation, and ecosystem building, among other efforts.
Amazon Q Launches AI Powered Business Query Tool Update to Refresh Your Office Life Header

Amazon Q Launches AI-Powered Business Tool to Refresh Your Office Life

Discover how Amazon Q, a chat tool by AWS, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance business operations by providing quick and accurate answers to queries.
Xbox and Inworld AI Partner to Revolutionise Game Development Header

Xbox and Inworld AI Partner to Revolutionize Game Development

Xbox and Inworld AI collaborate to launch generative AI tools for game development, empowering creators for immersive gameplay and storytelling.
Revolutionizing AI Machines Learning from Mistakes Header

LeMa Revolutionizing AI: Machines Learning from Mistakes

Research have developed a groundbreaking technique, Learning from Mistakes (LeMa), to enhance AI’s reasoning abilities by having it learn from its own mistakes.