Cathay Pacific Unveils New Premium Travel Brand ‘Cathay’

Cathay Unveils ‘Feels Good To Move’: A New Chapter in Travel Lifestyle

Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong’s flagship carrier, has introduced its new premium travel lifestyle brand ‘Cathay’. This significant evolution in the company’s master brand extends the airline's scope to include flights, holidays, shopping, dining, wellness, and payment, providing a seamless customer experience.

To celebrate this pivotal transformation, Cathay has unveiled the global campaign ‘Feels Good To move’, which captures the essence of life’s big and small movements. The campaign features a short film that captures the inherent human urge to move, from a foetus's heartbeat to a foot tapping in a classroom or pen clicking in a meeting. This campaign will be showcased across Cathay’s social channels and in the streets of Hong Kong, inviting everyone to share their personal #FeelsGoodToMove moments.

Cathay Pacific’s CEO, Ronald Lam, highlighted that this evolution signifies their commitment to customer centricity and their aspiration to become one of the world’s greatest service brands.

Additionally, in July, the airline showcased its dedication to progression by renaming its cargo business 'Cathay Cargo', solidifying its brand association with customers.

Edward Bell, General Manager of Brand, Insights, and Marketing Communications at Cathay Pacific, expressed that the intrinsic urge to move drives Cathay’s very existence and advancement.

With the introduction of 'Cathay' and the 'Feels Good To Move' campaign, Cathay Pacific is pioneering a new benchmark for premium travel lifestyles while celebrating the joy of movement.

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