New Electronic Payment System on Hong Kong Tramways


Hong Kong Tramways Unveils New Electronic Payment System

Hong Kong Tramways is revolutionizing the travel experience for tourists by introducing a new electronic payment system on over 100 trams. This innovative system supports 12 electronic payment methods such as credit cards, mobile payment devices, and QR codes, making it more convenient for passengers to pay their fares.

In addition to the widely-used Octopus card and cash, passengers can now choose from an array of 12 other electronic payment methods, including Alipay, BOC Pay, Union Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Huawei Pay. This brings the total number of fare payment options to 14. The transaction is deemed successful when the system makes a beeping sound and displays "Welcome Aboard."

The new payment system is a boon for short-haul tourists who might not purchase an Octopus card and those who may not carry enough cash. Hong Kong Tramways Operations Manager Benjamin Lee stated that WeChat Pay would be added in the next phase, though an exact date has not been provided.

This new electronic payment system is being installed on Hong Kong Tramways' fleet of over 160 trams, with the installation expected to be completed within three weeks. Additionally, Hong Kong Tramways' fares will not increase this year, with a decision on a potential fare increase for next year dependent on the recovery of the local tourism industry.

Managing Director Paul Tirvaudey shared that the adult fare increase of 15.4% in July last year, from HK$2.60 to HK$3 per ride, had a positive impact on the company's recovery amid the pandemic. The new electronic payment system is yet another step in enhancing the travel experience for both tourists and locals alike.

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