Camp in Style in These Glamping Sites in Hong Kong

Camp in Style and Luxury in These Glamping Sites in Hong Kong

We all need some rest and recreation, to get away from the chaos and distress of daily living, even if just for a little bit. For some this could be as simple as visiting one's favourite coffee shop or going on a quick getaway to unplug and disconnect, such as staying at a hotel for the weekend or getting closer to nature by camping.

These days, camping no longer just means venturing outdoors with a tent and a sleeping bag. While this is the way traditionally, there are a variety of sites today that offer "glamping" (glamorous + camping) for those who want to be close to nature without sacrificing the luxuries that accommodations usually come with, such as electricity, a comfortable bed, running water, and the like.

In Hong Kong, there are a slew of glamping sites you can check out if you want to enjoy nature and experience luxurious amenities. Here are four of them.

Pastoral Glamping

Pastoral Glamping is a glamping site in Shek Kong, Pat Heung, that covers an area of more than 9,000 square feet. The site first opened in 2019, before undergoing renovation and reopening in May 2021. Its three special camps offer different themes and come equipped with hotel-style facilities, including but not limited to independent washing rooms, hot and cold water, and electric stoves. The Tribal Camp and Sailing Camp come in fresh and ethnic styles, whereas the Starry Sky Camp is designed for indoor stargazing. All are perfect for couples, families, and friend groups.

Galaxy Garden

If stargazing is your main agenda, then Galaxy Garden on Lantau Island is your best choice. This "stargazing tent camp" boasts of inflatable bubble houses equipped with air conditioning, electric blankets, electric hair dryer, USB charging bits, Wi-Fi, double beds, outdoor bench chairs, and more. You can choose among its Small Starry Sky Tent (max. three persons), the Large Starry Sky Tent (max. seven people), or the Fully Transparent Starry Sky Tent for the ultimate stargazing experience.

Park Nature

Park Nature will have you staying in luxury caravans as you overlook the picturesque Kai Kung Leng Hill. Its Galaxy and Stargazer Caravans are perfect for families, as these can accommodate up to six people, while we recommend the Cube and British Style Caravan for groups of four. .It also offers pet-friendly caravans for those who'd like to bring their fur babies along. Each caravan comes with air conditioning, a refrigerator, kitchenware, a shower, double bed, double carding bed, and Wi-Fi. Guests may also rent automatic mahjong tables.

Other activities available for guests include hiking in Kai Kung Leng, tours of Nam Sang Wai and Hong Kong Wetland Park, as well as mountain biking.

Saiyuen Camping & Adventure Park

Saiyuen Camping & Adventure Park in Cheung Chau is most recommended for families, thanks to its wide range of themed camping areas and adventure programs. Those looking for a relaxing stay will love the Fantasy and Sunset Vista areas, which are set in an open greenfield and a nearly 2,000 square feet lawn with dome-shaped tents, respectively. Those with young kids can check out the African Safari Tent, Native American Teepee, and the Mongolian Ger, whereas Wild Camping is perfect for those who want the authentic experience of traditional camping. The Star Gazing Geodesic Dome, located in one of the most private areas of Saiyuen, is great for those who want to lie beneath and in full view of the stars.

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