William So Concert in Macau on Oct. 2 at Broadway Theatre


Cantopop Singer William So Hosts Concert on Oct. 2 at Broadway Theatre

After 10 years away from the stage, legendary Cantopop singer William So Wing Hong is landing at Broadway Theatre at Broadway Macau for a memorable night of dulcet tones and love ballads on Oct. 2.

Celebrated for his unparalleled style in delivering classic love ballads, the singer's distinct soft, deep, and rich voice has long been a cherished emblem in the music landscape.

Whether it's the nostalgia of hearing So’s iconic love ballads that everyone must have once belted out in KTV rooms, or simply the magic of seeing the singer live, the night promises an experience draped in melody and memory.

Over the years, So Wing Hong, often fondly referred to as So Wing Kong by his fans, has crafted a myriad of heartfelt songs. It's been a long time since audiences have had the privilege of hearing his voice live, making this Macau concert a sought-after event for both longtime supporters and newer fans.

When: 8 PM, Oct. 2

Where: Broadway Theatre at Broadway Macau, Av. Marginal Flor de Lotus, Macau

How much: Buy tickets, MOP980 / MOP780 / MOP580 / MOP380

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