Doodle & Co. Is Makati, Poblacion’s Newest Wine Bar
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Check Out Doodle & Co., Poblacion’s Newest Wine Bar

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Not all beautiful wines are expensive. This is the ethos of Doodle & Co., a soon-to-be Poblacion hotspot that inveigles everyone even the wine newbies to enjoy a glass of vino or the sober to munch on charcuterie.

For many of us Filipinos, wine is reserved for special occasions; it is something to be intimidated by, something to be studied and learned. But at Doodle & Co., which is run by the same team that brings us Mosphil and Run Rabbit Run, wine is merely something to enjoy, something to bring friends and lovers together.

In fact, their most popular wines – which are categorized according to desired ambiance and mouthfeel – fall under the “Sociable” category. These are the rich reds, wines that are best enjoyed during supper and over conversation.

“We have a velvety-rich Rioja Reserva, a bold and spicy Crianza, both from Spain and a classic, elegant Bordeaux blend from Haut-Medoc, France,” the Doodle & Co. Team shared.

Wines and charcuterie at Doodle & Co

“We think all wines have a story to be told whether it’s the grape varietal, the region it is from, the vineyard, and the winemakers behind it. It is Doodle & Co.’s ambition to relay that story to its customers.”

For a team that’s reviewed over 2,000 wines, tasted over 100 bottles, and has finally curated the best 25 of the lot for their menu, these recommendations don’t come lightly.

“Our partners and team are all in love with wine, actively participating in visiting vineyards, sourcing suppliers, sharing notes, and joining tastings,” the team revealed. “We’ve even brought on an international wine consultant to further refine our wine offering.”

Doodle & Co charcuterie board

Since their soft opening in January, Doodle & Co. has slowly been gaining traction as one of the newer, more relaxed bars in the somewhat infamous Poblacion district. Welcoming diners and drinkers at the forefront of a discreet office building in B. Valdez Street, Doodle & Co. can be described as something of a haven for those looking for a relaxing evening.

“We noticed a demographic of customers who still loved going out in Poblacion but not necessarily to the same bars they used to frequent [that might be] too loud or crowded,” the Doodle & Co. Team said.

In fact, this quiet ambiance is also what inspired Doodle & Co.’s quirky name. “Picture being at home or in the hotel, sitting at a desk, talking to a loved one on the phone. You pin the phone between your ear and shoulder, [and] grab a piece of paper and a pen. Naturally, you start doodling and in some way or another, you always seem to doodle the same things – a flower, a dog, a house, a tree, or even your family. Doodle & Co. was born out of our desire to recreate that moment, that feeling of talking to the people you love and being expressive.”

Doodle & Co was inspired by the feeling of closeness and sharing

Doodle & Co. will officially launch soon this April and the wine bar has introduced an exciting new menu. They’ve also added exciting events to their calendar, ones that are open to the entire neighborhood. There are planned fondue nights, wine and cheese clubs, wine pairings, and even monthly wine classes.

“Here, we welcome [and focus on] the Filipinos' [gustatory] curiosity and aim to give them knowledge and know-how in what makes wine of excellent quality.”

Previously having only served charcuterie boards, Doodle & Co. continues to share its love of the classic pairing, serving boards filled to the brim with delicious cheese, crackers, meats, and dried fruits. This summer, the wine bar is preparing to pivot their suggestions to match the overwhelming heat blanketing the city.

“For summer, we’re all about the crisp whites, bubbly, and refreshing rosés. Think crisp white wine like Craggy Range Te Muna Sauvignon Blanc from Martinborough (New Zealand) or a refreshing rose like Mas De Cadenet from Provence (France). Whether you're grilling with friends, lounging poolside, or just soaking up the sun, nothing beats the cool, refreshing taste of a perfectly chilled glass of wine.”

To know more, visit Doodle & Co on Instagram or join their next wine class taking place on May 15.

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