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Yay or Nay? Dupe Engagement Rings

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Dupe engagement rings? An audible gasp is heard from the audience. Quelle horreur! There’s been some debate recently about whether it’s okay for someone to wear dupe engagement rings. Who can forget the whole P299 engagement ring hullabaloo that divided social media?

On one hand, less expensive rings are practical, especially for those who may be on a budget. On the other, shouldn’t true love be celebrated with authenticity — even in the context of jewelry? There’s also a slightly elitist but also somewhat pragmatic way to look at this situation: if you can’t afford to purchase a real ring, then you probably can’t afford to get married just yet.

Dupe engagement rings
Penny Pairs

As it is with many other things in life, this whole issue could probably be resolved by understanding the context. Each situation is different, and every relationship comes with private nuances that only work for the persons involved. Perhaps because money is still such a taboo, it’s become hard to open up about issues regarding just that. As a nation that loves to engage on viral topics, however, private subtleties and taboos are set aside to give way to debate.

And let’s face it: dupe engagement rings do hold a purpose for a significant number of couples. Some people propose with them; others use dupe rings to travel.

As someone who’s neither in love nor engaged, the thought had never fully crossed my mind. But truth be told, even my parents don’t wear their wedding or engagement rings simply for fear of losing it. It’s tucked away safely in some deposit box at the bank, and I’m sure they aren’t the only couple to do so.

Camille Jimenez, the co-founder and CEO of Penny Pairs, who also runs her business with her husband, is among the many women who worry about losing a ring. Banking on these reasons, the entrepreneur has realized the need to make ring shopping more accessible — for whatever reason.

“We’ve noticed a lot of our community has recently been getting engaged, which makes us so happy!” shares Jimenez. “We’ve also gotten a lot of feedback from our customers and friends saying that they’ve been using our Juliana Ring as an option for both dupe and real engagement rings.”

With this, Penny Pairs has launched a beautiful new collection, aptly named the “Show It Off” Collection, featuring rings that can serve as a statement piece or an engagement dupe. They’re incredibly fun to layer and were also made for just that.

“We made the stones bigger to match other engagement rings in the market, and raised the setting so that it’s easier to stack with other rings, like wedding bands. This is also why this collection is so big: we wanted to give the same experience of choosing that perfect ring, in a more accessible way,” adds Jimenez.

Rings come in the most popular cuts for engagement rings including round, princess, pear, and marquise.
Penny Pairs

These rings come in the most popular cuts for engagement rings including round, princess, pear, and marquise. They come in both gold and silver bands and are a particular favourite for Jimenez whenever she travels around. Should she ever drop one or lose another, it gives the CEO peace of mind knowing that she can show off her love without worrying about anything at all.

With all these arguments, what does the young CEO have to say to detractors of dupe engagement rings? “We believe every love story deserves to be celebrated,” she shares. “We just aim to provide the best for whatever purpose people use this collection for, whether it be for their real engagement or for an everyday replacement. We believe both ways are equally special.”

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