Fiesta Carnival Makes Its Grand Comeback in Araneta City

Araneta City’s Fiesta Carnival Returns to Delight New and Old Generations

Christmas nostalgia, anyone? The well-loved attraction in Cubao from the 1970s to the 1990s has returned to its original location just in time for the merry season.

Named “mini-Disneyland” in its early days, Fiesta Carnival is one of the hottest indoor attractions for the kids back in the day, with a wide space filled with different amusement rides and entertaining games to try on.

After almost 23 years since its closure, the carnival returns to a 13,000-square-meter space in Araneta City with different rides fit for kids and kids at heart. Visitors can find a trampoline park, an arcade equipped with exciting machines, a skating rink, kiddie rides, and carnival games.

Committing to its nostalgia vibes, the amusement park brings back some of their iconic rides from the 90s, painting them with a new look to make them appealing to today’s kids while still bringing in the same fun and excitement.

Adults who once enjoyed playing in the same indoor park as kids can now bring their own children to experience the same level of fun and joy they once had inside.

Open from 10 AM-10 PM, the park still has some rides that are under construction as it is still on a dry run.

For more updates about its grand opening, follow Araneta City’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Location: Araneta Shopwise, Araneta Shopping Center, General Aguinaldo Ave., Cubao, Quezon City

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