Childbirth Classes in Metro Manila for Expectant Parents


Childbirth Classes in Metro Manila for Expectant Parents

Childbirth is one of the most momentous experiences in any parent's life, first-time or otherwise. And while it may be common for some to think that expectant parents should have it all figured out, we beg to disagree. There's nothing wrong with getting help along the way and is in fact something that should be encouraged.

First-time parents and those who have gone through labor before can benefit from childbirth classes and workshops, as these provide essential information by giving them a preview of what to anticipate in childbirth through real advice and hands-on demonstrations.

Expectant parents in Metro Manila, feel more empowered about giving birth by considering these four childbirth classes and workshops.

Birthing is a Blessing

Betty and Manny became childbirth facilitators due to their passion to share their knowledge and their positive experience with their first natural childbirth, which was followed by four more natural childbirths.

The parents-of-five went on and enrolled in medical school so they can take obstetrics and gynecology units, as well as "formal tutorship" with an Ob-Gyne friend. Today, Betty is a certified doula under Childbirth International and the couple have made it their mission to educate and empower expectant parents to have a beautiful birthing experience.

Birthing is a Blessing's The Birth Basics Workshop is a one-day childbirth preparation class that involves teaching holistic "seven guiding beliefs" on childbirth, intertwining "practical information with creative, experiential, and introspective learning processes for expectant parents."

The face-to-face workshop costs P4,500 and includes a workshop workbook and certificate of completion. Private online workshops are also offered.

Conscious Birth Manila

This pregnancy care center offers an online and face-to-face option for its Birthing Gently course. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, you can opt for a private class with Conscious Birth Manila for safety's sake. The course is a one-day preparation workshop and tackles the principles of gentle birthing, the stages of labor, natural comfort measures, birth plans, and newborn procedures, among many others.

Birthing Gently's online course, which just began on July 18, 2022, lasts five weeks and is the Philippines' first Instagram-based childbirth preparation course. The course requires you to read all of its posts on Instagram, tune in to five live sessions, and practice on your own. The registration fee for the course costs P3,000. If you're interested in further assistance, Conscious Birth Manila also offers birth, hypno, and online doulas.

Birthing Beginnings

Birthing Beginnings' philosophy revolves around perspective, preparation, and partnership to fully empower couples about birthing and parenting. It was founded by Thammie Sy, a wife of a minister and a homeschool mom of four. A graduate of Physical Therapy from the University of the Philippines, Sy is a recognized Lamaze-trained certified child birthday educator, a DONA-certified birth doula, and a certified lactation specialist, so you can be certain that you will be in good hands under her guidance.

Birthing Beginnings' Childbirth Preparation Workshop (P4,000) includes over 40 videos of evidence-based, practical childbirth education; downloadable PDF workbooks, worksheets, and references; labor cheat sheets and checklists, live online coaching sessions, and on-demand lessons. It tackles a wide range of topics, from pregnancy nutrition and maternal anatomy to signs and stages of labor, and birth planning, among others.

It also has other courses for new parents like Foundational Breastfeeding Course, Adjusting to Life After Birth, Bonding with Your Baby, and more.

Birthtimes Philippines

At Birthtimes Philippines, you get to have Chiqui Brosas as your birthing coach. A veteran in childbirth education and advocacy, Brosas has been an educator and doula since 1990 and a breastfeeding advocate since 1997, with certification from the American Academy of Husband Coached Childbirth.

Passionate to empower and share her knowledge on natural childbirth, the guru offers an array of classes to equip expectant mothers or parents with the information and tools necessary for labour and birth, such as its Online Prepared Childbirth Class and Private One on One Child Birth Class. It also offers face-to-face classes on childbirth, the schedules, and details of which you can check on its website.

Attendees to face-to-face classes are advised to bring a yoga mat or beach towel, two bed pillows (optional), paper and pen for notetaking, food and water, a long shawl for the belly, and a baby doll and blanket (for The Newborn Class, only).

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