Where to Get Dried Flowers in Manila for Mother’s Day 2023

Here’s Where to Get Dried and Preserved Flowers for Mother’s Day 2023

Flowers are popular gifts for any occasion. They’re beautiful and they give deeper meanings, especially if the sender and recipient are familiar with the language of flowers. But, believe it or not, there are people who don’t like giving them as a gift because of one reason: they wilt. The thought of giving their loved ones a gift that they’ll soon throw away doesn’t seem practical.

Good thing, it doesn’t have to be anymore. If you’re looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, why not still give your mom (or mother figure) flowers? This time, the type they don’t have to throw away after a few days or weeks and can keep for as long as they want.

Here’s where you can order dried and preserved flowers in Manila!

Dried Flowers Manila

Dried Flowers Manila is a florist specializing in local and imported dried flowers. For Mother’s Day, you can order their Petite Bouquet (P950), Mid Premium Bouquet (P1,559), or Haut Premium Bouquet (P2650-P3,200) dried flowers arrangements. They also offer dried flowers arranged in vases, such as Chic en Rose, Délice de Moka, and Feuilles Jaunes (P950) for small tables or Blanc Intemporelles, Beaute a la Lavande, and Chic Beauté (P1,750) to put on display at the center table.

Another smart idea is their Reed Diffuser (P650) with fiber stems that slowly release perfume into the air. Not only does your mom get something pretty, but she can also make her space smell good.

To order, send a message to their Instagram account. You can also check their stories for their catalogs and other important details.

Knots Flowers and More PH (Knots.ph)

Knots Flowers and More PH is a Makati-based florist where you can get fresh, dried, or preserved flowers. For Mother’s Day, they offer preserved flowers especially sourced overseas, such as Pink Lane (P1,620), Lovely Hue (P3,420), Captivating Blush (P4,410), and Timeless Petals (P4,410). They also have beautiful flower arrangements in vases, such as Blue Sky (P2,610), Helena (P2,610), Natalie (P3,420), and Loving Sunset (P2,520). If these are not enough, you can include add-ons such as chocolates and personalized photo cards to spoil your mom further!

Knots Flowers and More PH offers free delivery in Metro Manila and same-day delivery for orders placed by 3 PM. If you want to save, they currently have an early bird Mother’s Day discount until April 30. Visit their website for more information.

Blooms Artisan

Blooms Artisan describes themselves as the home of best-selling pastel bouquets. They offer dried flowers, dried plants, and preserved blooms to fit every customer’s needs. For Mother’s Day, you can choose from their bouquets, such as Nicole (P2,890), Tiffany (P2,499), and Anya (P3,290), or mini bouquets (P1,199) that come in different colors: white, pink, blue, purple, red, orange, and yellow.

They also have flower arrangements in vases, such as Sophie (P3,199) and Lilac (P3,199), and everlasting boxes, such as Xyla (P2,990) and Iris (P2,990). Check out the Mom’s Day collection on their website to see all the available blooms you can order.

Krafty Days Floristry

Offering fresh, preserved, and dried flower arrangements, Krafty Days Floristry is a DTI- and BIR-registered florist located in Biñan, Laguna. For Mother’s Day, the blooms you can order from them are inside Glass Domes — available in medium (P2,500) and (P1,630) small — and an Acrylic Floral Box (P2,780). If your mom is the religious type, you can get their Medium Glass Dome with Our Lady of Lourdes (P2,540) instead.

Click here to view their Mother’s Day 2023 catalog, order form, and delivery or pick-up details. Outside the catalog, you can also try ordering their preserved floral box with a money pull feature underneath to pull (pun intended) a little prank.

Pretty Withered

Pretty Withered is a celebrity-approved floral shop offering imported and local withered plants nationwide. According to their website, they’re “the first brand to offer dried and preserved flower arrangements in the country.” They have yet to release a catalog for this year’s Mother’s Day (as of writing), but you’re free to order custom bouquets by messaging them on Instagram or Facebook. They offer regular, mini, and premium bouquets and arrangements in baskets, domes, and vases.

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