See How This Pandemic-Born Business Makes ‘Unique’ Coffee

How This BFFs’ Pandemic-Born Business Made Unique 'Coffee' With Espresso Beans and Chocolate

How This BF Fs Pandemic Born Business Made Unique Coffee With Espresso Beans and Chocolate

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Imagine this: You overslept and have no time for your usual routine. While you know you can’t function well without a cup of coffee in the morning, you would rather leave now than suffer the horrors of commuting in the metro during rush hour. You then leave the house disappointed and un-caffeinated.

But what if there’s a way to scratch that last part?

One business has thought of a great idea to keep Filipinos caffeinated (and get their needed sugar fix too!) no matter where they are or how busy they get. It’s as easy as opening a tin can. No need to brew or boil water and get a mug. No possible spills either. We’re talking about Another Coffee’s chocolate espresso beans.

Introducing a Unique Product to the Market

Another Coffee is known to be the “first and only source of handcrafted chocolate espresso beans in the Philippines.” The brand was founded by friends Trish Jarque and Camille Paras during the pandemic out of their love for coffee and chocolates. What sets them apart is the unique form that their “coffee” comes in. Instead of the usual liquid coffee, their version of caffeine comes in small, chocolate-coated beans.

Unlike caffeine-flavored sweets, chocolate espresso beans don’t just give a hint of coffee; they are coffee. Eating about seven to eight pieces is the same as drinking a cup of coffee. It’s something anybody can munch on while on the way to work, at home, or on the road.

“We thought it was the perfect snack for people’s caffeine fix, for those who don’t always have the time to brew their own coffee, or just to have something with them when they’re on the go,” the duo told The Beat Asia.

At present, Another Coffee has three flavors available in a pint and square sampler tin can: White Chocolate, Matcha Chocolate, and their best seller — Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans. The beans they use are all sourced from Batangas as their way to support local farmers.

Another Coffee White Chocolate, Matcha Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Bean
From left: White Chocolate, Matcha Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans (Pint)

While uniqueness became one of the brand’s selling points, it was also a hurdle they had to overcome.

“Our first challenge was how to introduce our brand since we know that the product was very new to the market. Thankfully, the generation now is open to trying new things! People are now open to exploring products that they haven’t even heard of.”

Introducing a product to a market that has never heard of the term “handcrafted chocolate espresso beans” took patience, but Trish and Camille made sure to push forward so the market would embrace their products.

“[T]he most challenging part is actually having to keep explaining the product to each of our customers, or going beyond simply saying that it's ‘handcrafted chocolate-covered espresso beans.’ At the same time, it was an extra step that we wanted to take so people can be engaged instead of intimidated to know and learn about what we are presenting to the market.”

Another Coffee Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans

What Aspiring Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Another Coffee

Trish and Camille had their respective careers pre-pandemic before starting Another Coffee.

Trish was a full-time employee who balanced day jobs and side hustles every day. Now, she’s the creative half of the team, managing the brand’s creative output and handling the marketing and sales side of the business.

Camille, on the other hand, was a flight attendant in the Middle East. After coming back to the Philippines, she tried to look for opportunities and possible ideas to start a business. From there, they came up with Another Coffee. She currently oversees and manages the production side, making sure that all deadlines are met, and that the quality of their products is always above standards.

Even with their different backgrounds, the dynamics between the two has brought the brand to where it is now.

When asked to share some advice to those who are planning to start a business, Camille said they have to make sure it’s something they want to do because “your purpose is what will drive you to keep going and to keep trying to improve.”

“Also, keep in mind that success might not always be immediate so you have to be patient because starting your own business will require a lot of hard work,” she added.

For Trish, it’s never too late to risk. “It will work as long as they believe in their service or product! Be ready to be more resilient and have the strength to bounce back!”

Another Coffee Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans

Inspired to push their business forward, Trish and Camille are setting their sights on bigger things for Another Coffee. Right now, they are in the “developmental stage for new flavors to launch in the market.”

“We are also coming up with a loyalty program called ‘Another Coffee Club’ since we know that coffee is a staple product in the community. [W]e will be launching this very soon, so our loyal customers can enjoy exclusive perks and discounts as our way to send back our gratitude for their continuous support!”

To get Another Coffee’s chocolate espresso beans, check out their website. They’re also available on Shopee and Lazada. For promotions, discounts, and other updates, you can follow their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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