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#HealthMatters: Mobile Apps in Singapore Worth Downloading This 2022

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Health Matters Mobile Apps in Singapore Worth Downloading this 2022 2

Singapore is one of the most digitally involved regions in Asia, hence, it’s not surprising why many of its citizens find it difficult to minimise screen time. 

According to AIA’s 2016 Healthy Living Index Survey, six out of 10 (62%) adults in the region admitted they have social media addiction that interferes with their ability to get enough sleep and exercise. The average screen time (unrelated to work) that Singaporeans spend in a day is 3.7 hours, which is relatively higher than the regional average of three hours.

As more and more people have internet access, companies take advantage of this by creating apps that promote a healthier lifestyle in relation to wellness, telemedicine, and health management.

Whether you’re a digital native or just trying to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change, here are some health apps in Singapore that will motivate you to embrace a healthier version of yourself and equip you with information from certified institutions.

Health Buddy App

The Health Buddy App provides access to health information and services anytime and anywhere in Singapore.

This comprehensive health app has eight e-services available on its menu namely – Appointment, Register and Track Queue, Payment, Medicine, Test Results and Report, Assessment, Admission, and Profile.

The Specialty Care section is designed to provide information on managing specific conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s’ disease, liver transplant, and more. Each item listed on this page contains health tips and information on frequently asked questions. The Health Champ option, on the other hand, monitors your vital statistics such as blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, and body mass index (BMI). It also features customised advisories and tracking tools for both the patient's medication and exercise recommendations.

SingHealth Hospitals, Specialty Centres, and Polyclinics are on the app’s list of recommended health institutions and clinics.

Get it on Google Play and the App Store for free.


The National University Health System (NUHS) and Integrated Health Information Systems of Singapore worked together to develop OneNUHS, a mobile application for healthcare in Singapore. 

According to a report from The Straits Times on Oct. 21, 2021, the app had a clinical trial before its launch in April 2022. It was tested by 100 patients at Alexandra Hospital who mostly have stable chronic conditions and follow medical check-ups periodically.

OneNUHS is a teleconsultation app where patients can book or reschedule their medical visits. The app also has a reminder feature that sends SMS to users one day and one hour prior to their scheduled doctor’s appointments.

To provide a better patient experience, the number of queuing can also be viewed on the teleconsultation app. Payment bill options and medicine delivery services are also available in the app. 

Download it on Google Play and the App Store for free.


This health app in Singapore aims to promote a healthier lifestyle among citizens through different challenges from Lu, the app’s animated character. Downloading the LumiHealth app on an Apple Watch will earn users LumiPoints, which can be redeemed for e-vouchers from the Health Promotion Board (HPB) or a S$40 gift card to the Apple Store for a limited time only. Terms and conditions apply.

Some activities that users need to accomplish include eating something healthy, practising mindfulness, and learning healthier habits. 

Available for download on the App Store only.

Healthy 365 App

Healthy 365 is another health mobile app developed by HPB Singapore. Its functionality is comparable to LumiHealth, which employs the use of games and rewards upon the completion of specific tasks and health programmes.

This health app, in contrast to LumiHealth, is compatible with both Android and iPhone mobile devices. It can keep track of the user's daily step count as well as the average amount of time they spend engaging in physical activity. Upon earning Healthpoints, users may purchase food, drinks, or groceries from the app’s participating partner outlets. 

Get it on Google Play and the App Store for free.


HeHealth is a health app developed by a Singapore-based start-up company for men (especially millennials and Gen Z) diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The app's purpose is to give these men more control over their lives by providing them with better access to information.

The company’s mission is “to strip away the stigma, shame, embarrassment, and for the first time let you feel comfortable and safe to seek medical care on these sensitive issues.”

It is built with an AI tool analysis that can detect STDs by checking the user’s private area. They can submit photos anonymously and will receive instant results regarding their concerns. The app will roll out an option where patients may seek telehealth services discreetly and receive private care from specialised doctors soon. 

Download it on Google Play and the App Store for free.

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