Where to Find Sustainable Furniture, Homeware in Singapore

Where to Find Sustainable Furniture and Homeware in Singapore

Do you love everything home, but want to be more sustainable? Don't worry, this does not mean you have to give up your love for furniture and homeware! You just need to make some slight adjustments, and be more open and creative in sourcing your furniture.

Sustainable furniture often means upcycled furniture, or furniture fashioned out of what we call "scraps" or old, broken furniture that are given a new lease of life. Instead of letting these scraps and broken furniture go to landfill, they are instead transformed by talented and skilled artisans into one-of-a-kind old-new furniture that are ready to be rehomed once again. But sustainable furniture does not end here. There are also vintage and antique furniture, or secondhand furniture, which are given a purpose anew by new owners instead of simply being kept in storage or thrown away. The possibilities are endless.

Ready to start your journey in collecting upcycled and sustainable furniture and homeware? Check out these stores in Singapore.

Everyday Canoe

Everyday Canoe is the brainchild of Ng Xin Nie, who got into handcrafted wooden spoons when she noticed the offcut wood her carpenter friend would leave behind after making furniture. Made of good timber, from teak to oak and walnut, the offcuts were each transformed into beautiful, unique spoons by Nie, which she sells on Etsy. From carving to sanding and oiling, Nie makes sure that each and every piece is made with love and care, with a single spoon being made up to six hours.

The best part? You'll only have one of its kind in the world. Nie also accepts custom pieces if you have any ideas in mind, which is perfect for a special gift for someone.


Next up is Originals, which carries an extensive range of sustainable furniture, from sofas and armchairs to living room, dining and kitchen, bedroom, outdoor, and home office furniture, as well as homeware.

Originals sources furniture from the world over and builds "new from sustainable sources" and "recycle[s] and customize[s] old to live a second life." At Originals, you can rest assured that the environment takes center stage in its mission.

Triple Eyelid

Triple Eyelid is another sustainable furniture store in Singapore. It was founded in May 2014 by a team of dedicated young designers who hail from the commercial, residential, and hospitality industries. After witnessing tons of waste materials discarded from their job sites, the designers behind Triple Eyelid decided to upcycle industrial waste and turn them into practical and beautiful furniture.

It is thus Triple Eyelid's goal to not just redefine and redesign furniture, but above all, to reduce environmental waste.

Hock Siong

Last on our list is Hock Siong, which was built from the ground in the 1970s by a family of Karung Guni or rag and bone traders. Through the years, it ventured out into dealing secondhand furniture and now has a website up and running where anyone can peruse and choose any preloved furniture of their liking. Buying preloved is always good for the environment, and Hock Siong makes sustainability accessible to all with its good quality items that come at an affordable price. If you’re into sustainability and home living, then you'll fall in love with Hock Siong's antique furniture, from tableware, coffee tables, and dressers to shelves, mirrors, armchairs, sofas, lamps, and wardrobes, among many others.

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