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Solen feyissa Md OH87 T Dmu4 unsplash

Defining Thai Beauty: Skincare and Makeup from the Land of Smiles

Move over, K-beauty! There’s a new contender in town: Thai skincare and makeup. They’re becoming the next big thing, so here’s what you need to know.
Pure Culture Interview with Steph Oller

Defining Clean Beauty with Stephanie Oller of Pure Culture

Is it still “self-care” when you put harmful chemicals on your skin? Pure Culture’s CEO Stephanie Oller tells us how to identify products that are actually good for you
Melinda Khor Sommar Beauty Spa

Elevator Pitch: Meet Melinda Khor, Co-Founder of Sommar Beauty Spa

Melinda Khor of Sommar Beauty Spa shared about her journey, from her time in the Singapore Air Force to her incredible career shift to the beauty industry.