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Ocean Park HK CEO Ivan Wong 2

Ocean Park HK CEO Ivan Wong on Conservation Efforts and Water World

The Beat Asia talks to Ocean Park and Water World’s Ivan Wong about their conservation efforts, attractions, and why HK is the Philippines’ top tourist destination.
This Malaysian Conservation Group Gives Away Free Seedlings During Environmental Holidays

Why the Free Tree Society is Giving Away Free Seedlings to Malaysians

Conservation is among the most important lessons for young people today. Here’s how Baida Hercus of the Free Tree Society is doing her part – and why it matters.
Instagram Lanta Animal Welfare

Five Conservation Sites and Sanctuaries in Bangkok for Volunteer Work

Looking to participate in a one-time event or integrate regular volunteering into your routine, Bangkok has conservation sites that might pique your interest.
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Hong Kong’s Ocean Park Launches Horseshoe Crab Tracking Scheme

Hong Kong’s Ocean Park launches a tracking scheme to understand horseshoe crabs’ spawning locations, foraging habits, and ecological needs.
Why Are the Hong Kong Wetlands Under Threat Header

Why Are the Hong Kong Wetlands Under Threat?

Environmental groups report extensive damage to Hong Kong’s wetlands earmarked for conservation near the border.
Hong Kongs Conservation Funding Boosts Biodiversity Projects Header

Hong Kong’s Conservation Funding Boosts Biodiversity Projects

Two newly approved projects, the Nature Conservation Management Agreement project and the Proactive Conservation project help to promote ecological habitats.
Human Impact on Coral Reefs Immediate Actions for Long term Solutions Header

Human Impact on Coral Reefs: Immediate Actions for Long-term Solutions

A twenty-year study reveals the profound impact of human activities on coral reel health, highlighting the need for local action and global mitigation efforts.