HK Biodiversity Projects Conservation Funding Increased

Hong Kong’s Conservation Funding Boosts Biodiversity Projects

The Hong Kong government has approved two projects in the latest round of the Countryside Conservation Funding Scheme, receiving a total grant of approximately HK$27 million. These projects, the Nature Conservation Management Agreement project in Ho Sheung Heung and the Proactive Conservation project in Sha Lo Tung, are aimed at preserving biodiversity and implementing long-term conservation strategies.

The Ho Sheung Heung project focuses on sustaining the conservation outcomes achieved and enhancing collaboration with local farmers in agricultural activities. The goal is to maintain the freshwater wetland as a favourable ecological habitat for birds, amphibians, and freshwater fish, providing a crucial stopover and perching site.

The Sha Lo Tung project, a collaboration between the Countryside Conservation Office and the Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department, aims to conserve the biodiversity of Sha Lo Tung through proactive conservation efforts. By implementing this project, a long-term conservation strategy will be established ensuring the protection of the area’s unique ecosystem.

To ensure the successful execution of these projects, a local non-profit organization will be selected through established government procurement and tendering procedures. This ensures transparency and accountability in project management.

With these newly approved projects, a total of 45 initiatives amounting to approximately HK$236 million have been approved under the countryside villages and support eco-tourism.

The Countryside Conservation Office is expected to finalise facilitation measures, licensing requirements, and procedural guidelines by 2023-24, streamlining the licensing application process for countryside areas.

These conservation efforts and initiatives not only contribute to the preservation of biodiversity but also promote ecological habitats and sustainable tourism. The Government’s commitment to environmental conservation underscores the importance of protecting our natural resources for future generations.

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