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Job Fair Alert Manila City Announces Labor Day Job Fair on May 1

Job Fair Alert! Manila City Announces Labor Day Job Fair on May 1

Set to be joined by 65 local employers, Manila City’s upcoming “Labor Day Job Fair” is offering almost 9,000 job vacancies to unemployed individuals. Read more.
SG Budget Header

SG Budget 2024: Aiding Families, Uplifting Mid-Career, Lower-Wage Workers

What awaits Singaporeans this 2024 and beyond? Here's what kind of support and enhancements shared households, families, and workers can expect from Budget 2024.
Eddie Garcia Bill Industry Workers

Explainer on 'Eddie Garcia' Bill: How Will It Protect Movie and TV Workers?

The Eddie Garcia Bill, spurred by the tragic fate of its namesake, specified standard work hours, social protection, and safety protocols for movie and TV workers.
Here Are the Top PH Employers for Fresh Grads in 2024

These PH Companies Are the Top Employers for Fresh Grads in 2024

To aid the search for fresh graduates and those looking for a career move, career and education platform Prosple has unveiled its top 100 list of the best employers in the Philippines in 2024.

Explainer: SG's Inclusive Approach for Ex-Offenders Seeking Employment

In line with keeping a safer nation, the Singapore Prison Service and YRSG provide career facilitation and retention support for returning citizens. Read more.
Retrenchment in SG min 1

Explainer: Retrenchments in Singapore – Why Are They Happening Now?

This article explains the underlying reasons behind the surge in retrenchments in Singapore and explores the implications of AI for the economy and workforce.