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The Beat Manilas Up and Coming Artist Saturn Boy serro

The Beat Manila’s Up-and-Coming Artist: 'Saturn Boy' serro

A few months after the release of his R&B-heavy sophomore studio album, “Summer Flame,” The Beat Manila caught up with the talented musician to talk about his beginnings, his new album, and aspirations.
Up and Coming Kuala Lumpur lost spaces

The Beat Kuala Lumpur's Up-and-Coming Artist: Singer-Songwriter lost spaces

Just a few weeks before this anticipated return to the Good Vibes Festival, happening on July 20 to 21, The Beat Asia caught up with lost spaces to talk about his beginnings, dream collaborations, future activities, and more.
Thai Indie Band Television off Talks Music Collabs More

The Beat Bangkok's Up-and-Coming Artist: Thai Indie Band Television off

Composed of Chok, Lap, Boat, and First, the four-piece act started making music just to “be cool.” This motivation, albeit simple, pushes them to create tracks that can spark curiosity in music lovers.
Up and Coming Artist Genre Fluid Sibling Duo Ysanygo

The Beat Manila's Up-and-Coming Artist: Genre-Fluid Sibling-Duo Ysanygo

For this musically talented duo, a sibling is more than just someone they duke out with over the last slice of pizza or a trusty confidant for their well-kept secrets, but rather, a teammate whom they can make creative melodies with!
Funk Band flu On Their Infectious Tunes Collabs More

The Beat Asia's Up-and-Coming Artist: Filipino Funk Band flu

Despite their chill, laid-back attitude, the four-piece band boasts an “infectious” sound that will get their listeners moving, jamming, and grooving.
Meet owellciao Singapores Up and Coming Singer Songwriter

The Beat Singapore's Up-and-Coming Artist: Singer-Songwriter owellciao

Fresh off the release of her newest single, “be honest,” owellciao sat down with The Beat Asia to talk about her inspirations, her music’s identity, future plans, and many more.
Jed Baruelo Talks About Tik Tok Viral Hit Nahuhulog More

The Beat Manila’s Up-and-Coming Artist: Rising Pop-Rock Act Jed Baruelo

The Beat Asia had the chance to talk to young Filipino pop rock act Jed Baruelo about the story behind his popular track, his beginnings, aspirations, and more.
The Beat Singapores Up and Coming Artist Singer Music Producer Sun Cel

The Beat Singapore's Up-and-Coming Artist: Singer & Music Producer Sun Cell

In an exclusive interview, the skilled crooner bares the secret behind his stage name, his ups and downs since he began his music career, “Coastlines,” and many more.