Prada’s Next-Gen Spacesuits for NASA’s Historic Moon Mission


Prada Joins NASA to Create Next-Gen Spacesuits for Historic Moon Mission

In an unprecedented partnership Italian fashion powerhouse Prada has teamed up with Axiom Space, an American infrastructure developer, to design cutting-edge spacesuits for NASA’s upcoming Artemis III lunar landing attempt. Scheduled for 2025, this mission will be a monumental moment in history as it marks the first time a woman will set foot on the moon.

Prada’s engineers are working closely with the systems teams supporting NASA to develop space suits that provide optimal protection for astronauts in the challenging extraterrestrial environment. The luxury brand’s forward-thinking ethos and expertise in design, technology, and innovation make them an ideal collaborator for this groundbreaking project.

Lorenzo Bertelli, the marketing director at Prada Group, expressed his excitement about the brand’s involvement in this historic mission. He stated, “it is a true celebration of the power of human creativity and innovation to advance civilization.”

For this lunar landing mission, Prada aims to enhance existing spacesuit designs by using NASA’s Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit (xEMU) as a blueprint. The new suit, named “AxEMU,” will offer improved flexibility and enhanced protection. By incorporating advanced capabilities and specialized tools, Prada’s design will enable NASA’s astronauts to explore and study the moon’s surface more safely and effectively.

The collaboration between Prada and Axiom Space is particularly significant. Axiom Space, known for being the architect of the world’s first commercial space station, brings invaluable industry experience to the table. Combined with Prada’s heritage know-how and textile expertise, the partnership sets the stage for a monumental mission.

Artemis III will be the first crewed lunar landing since Apollo 17 in 1972. The astronauts will venture into unchartered territory near the South pole of the moon, paving the way for scientific discoveries and potential future missions to Mars. This mission is a crucial step in advancing scientific knowledge.

Prada’s involvement in the Artemis III mission represents a significant milestone for luxury fashion industry. While luxury brands have explored galactic themes before, this collaboration marks the first instance of an Italian luxury fashion house partnering with a commercial space company. It not only highlights Prada’s commitment to innovation but also signals a potential new trend for the prestigious market.

As we eagerly await the historic Artemis III mission, Prada’s contributions to the design of next-generation spacesuits underscore the brand’s unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries and embracing new frontiers both on Earth and beyond.

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