The Foundry: Germaine Woon's Mark on Asian Hospitality


The Foundry Asia: Germaine Woon's Visionary Leap Into Hospitality Marketing

In a groundbreaking move for the Asian hospitality sector, Germaine Woon unveils The Foundry Asia, a marketing and communications agency poised to harness and elevate the region's dynamic potential. Drawing from her notable tenures at Hong Kong's JIA Group and Singapore's The Mandala Group, Germaine channels her expertise into this venture by aiming for innovative breakthroughs. Her powerhouse team is made up of former leading hospitality PR and marketers bound by creativity and passion for all things food, drink, and culture.

Strategically anchored in the vibrant locales of Hong Kong and Singapore, The Foundry Asia is set to be a nexus of groundbreaking marketing solutions tailored for the hospitality industry. Its inception reflects Germaine's journey, from humble beginnings to becoming a key player in the sector, merging rich experiences and sharp insights.

The Foundry Asia's approach goes beyond traditional hospitality marketing strategies. Proof of this is its collaboration with industry leaders like May Chow and Beckaly Franks. These partnerships highlight the agency's dedication to excellence. They also show its skill in aligning with top regional talents, making their stories prominent in its campaigns.

Though The Foundry's journey is just beginning, its foundations in experience, vision, and strategic partnerships suggest a bright future. As it finds its niche, the broader hospitality community keenly anticipates the transformative impact it's poised to bring.

To know more about The Foundry Asia, follow its Instagram page or visit its website.

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