5 Female Entrepreneurs in Asia Inspiring Inclusion
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Female Entrepreneurs in Asia Inspiring Inclusion in Business & Beyond

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As part of The Beat Asia’s celebration of 2024 International Women’s Day, we look back at the women entrepreneurs who have carved out success through inclusivity. Whether it involves advocating for female necessities in the world of healthcare, educating the youth on STEM subjects through interactive programmes, making mums everywhere feel confident through fashionable designs, empowering people with disabilities in the field of AI and tech, or even providing a platform for other women who wish to bring their entrepreneurship to the world. Meet these female game-changers who have been inspiring inclusion in their respective entrepreneurial spaces across Asia.

Camille Cosare, Founder of FemeNova (PH)

camille cosare femenova health

An innovator in the space of female-oriented healthcare, Camille Cosare is an entrepreneur who leveraged her experience as a nurse in both hospital settings and corporate healthcare to identify and address the critical gaps in women's healthcare and education in the Philippines. This insight and determination led her to establish FemeNova Health, an innovative startup dedicated to improving women's and menstrual health.

With a mission to support, educate, and provide expert solutions tailored to the diverse needs of women, FemeNova Health is pioneering a comprehensive platform aimed at empowering women to take charge of their reproductive health journey. Camille's blend of clinical expertise and entrepreneurial drive fuels her commitment to advocating for accessible and comprehensive healthcare solutions for women, challenging the stigma around women's health nationwide.

Read Camille’s full story here.

June Methawee Thatsanasateankit, Founder of Vulcan Coalition (TH)

june methawee thatsanasateankit vulcan coalition

Distinguished as the world's first AI startup driven by people with disabilities (PWDs), Vulcan Coalition emerges as a pioneering force in the technological landscape. Under the leadership of CEO and co-founder Methawee Thatsanasateankit, also known as June, Vulcan Coalition is deeply committed to inclusivity, offering equal opportunities to PWDs.

June has challenged societal biases by showcasing the invaluable contributions PWDs can make to the tech industry, with Vulcan Coalition both AI technologies and career opportunities for PWDs. The company promotes sustainable and inclusive economic growth by empowering PWDs to develop their digital skills and contribute significantly to the AI sector, ensuring they are integral to the digital transformation wave.

Read June’s full story here.

Dr. Michelle Dickinson, Science Educator ‘Nanogirl’ & Founder of Nanogirl Labs (HK/NZ)

michelle dickinson nanogirl

Adopting the alter ego Nanogirl, Dr. Michelle Dickinson has carved out a unique niche as a nanotechnologist and a fervent advocate for science education. Having grown up in Hong Kong but now based in New Zealand, she returns to her roots annually to participate in the Croucher Science Week programme, captivating young minds with her educational shows on STEM subjects.

Nanogirl, a character born from Dr. Dickinson's visits to schools as an Engineering professor, has evolved into a science-savvy superhero for children, leveraging STEM superpowers to navigate life's hurdles. This character has transcended its initial concept, inspiring hundreds of thousands of young science enthusiasts globally.

Read Dr. Michelle’s full story here.

Selene Xie, Founder of The Rebel Mums (HK)

selene xie the rebel mums

Recognizing the unrealistic expectations placed on mothers regarding appearance, dress code, and the pressure to quickly regain their pre-pregnancy bodies, Selene Xie identified a significant gap in societal perceptions of motherhood and self-care. As a mother of two herself, Selene was inspired to take action.

Founding 'The Rebel Mums,' a purpose-driven luxury fashion brand dedicated to empowering mothers, her brand aims to celebrate motherhood in all its diversity, enabling women to feel confident, powerful, and attractive on their terms. Merging her passion for fashion with her ambition to create a supportive community, Selene's initiative challenges traditional norms and advocates for a more inclusive understanding of motherhood.

Read Selene’s full story here.

Yamilette Cano, Founder of LOUDER Connect (HK)

yamilette cano louder connect

Yamilette Cano, a vibrant entrepreneur and former professional ballerina, has made significant strides in the entrepreneurial and events industry since moving to Hong Kong. With her multilingual prowess and passion for the stage, Yamilette founded LOUDER Global, a coaching business aimed at empowering emerging entrepreneurs and speakers. Transitioning from one stage to another, she inspires inclusion by turning up the spotlight to shine on those looking to find their voice and succeed in their ventures.

Helming LOUDER Global, Yamilette offers a plethora of services including personalized coaching, speaking engagements, corporate branding, and event consulting. Through her networking brand, LOUDER Connect, she pioneers in facilitating impactful conversations within the entrepreneurial community, ensuring that voices are heard loud and clear – especially the voices of other female entrepreneurs.

Read Yamilette’s full story here.

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